Running and maintaining a store of any kind takes plenty of hard work. Whether it’s a toy shop, furniture outlet, grocery store, etc., effective advertising is crucial to keep your establishment profitable. With that being said, allow us to help with our Ready-Made Store Flyer Templates! Never worry again about composing a flyer from scratch with our printable and 100% customizable templates, helping you save time and effort! Each of these templates is easily editable in Apple Pages, available in A4 and/or US letter sizes. Get your promotions ready in no time with our expertly-crafted templates!

How to Create Store Flyers in Apple Pages

Good advertising is an essential part of keeping your goods shop staying afloat and profitable. Since the earliest times of human civilization, largescale advertising practices have already been a factor of being a successful merchant. One of the oldest and still-relevant forms of promotion is the use of printed material, and we have a plethora of Ready-Made Store Flyer Templates that are definitely suitable for this tried-and-true method! Plus, there’s no need to go searching for the right editing tool for your Mac Computer -- Apple Pages can do the job!

Are you looking for a bit of guidance? Then just check out our short and simple steps (found just below) for a helping hand.

1. Do Some Research First

You probably have this covered already, so it’s best to just move on ahead to the next part. If not, then it’s imperative to gather useful data about your targeted patrons if you plan on raking in as much revenue as you can. Be it weekly gadget deals or seasonal clothing sales, the contents of your promotional media need to be relevant and interesting for your intended demographic. It also helps to be aware of what competing brands/stores are up to, forming your own marketing plans to keep up and stay ahead.

Popular types of products, enticing offers & promos, competitive prices, income-based necessities -- these are merely a few ideas to take note of when conducting your research. Consider the use of a marketing analysis document to streamline the process.

2. Download and Install Apple Pages

Did you get enough information to work with from your research? Next is to download Apple Pages.

It’s likely that you already have Pages installed on your Mac desktop. Otherwise, simply visit to find the app; Pages is free to download, so it’s a perfect fit for budget-conscious users. Besides the wallet-friendly price tag, Pages is an efficient program for customizing our templates while being approachable for any editing proficiency!

Don’t have a Mac computer? Your iPad or iPhone will do fine, since Pages is fully compatible with mobile iOS platforms. This versatile app is even usable with Apple Pencil!

3. Take Your Pick from Our Flyer Templates

Once you have Apple Pages installed and ready, choose one of our flyer templates (from this page). To save the desired template to your computer and/or device, click on its thumbnail and the respective page will open in a different tab. On the new browser tab, use the large download button and just follow a few simple steps to download your template file of choice.

4. Customize Your Template in Apple Pages

After getting both Pages and the new template, it’s time to apply what you’ve gathered from your research and put together a flyer that’s sure to get many readers’ attention!

While replacing the placeholder text of your template, come up with a bit of witty dialog to catch the interest of potential customers and to make them remember your advertisement more easily later.

When you’ve saved your work and printed out copies to distribute, try giving posters a shot to further enhance your advertising capabilities! Get more exposure for your business by using Apple Pages and our library of marketing material!

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