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How to Create Store Flyers in Photoshop

Brands and stores of many different scopes have been a part of human societies for a very long time. In fact, the earliest evidence of a shopping catalog dates back to the 15th century. So, it’s safe to say that numerous different marketing methods have been developed over the course of many time periods. Of these methods, the distribution of flyers is still an effective way of exposing your shop to the general public. That’s why we’re offering our Ready-Made Store Flyer Templates for your own advertising needs!

Plus, with the help of Adobe Photoshop, you can quickly and easily get your new flyers ready for handing out! To find out how you can do this, just read through our quick yet comprehensive guide down below.

1. Be Familiar With Your Demographic

Whether you’ve got weekly clothing offers or monthly hardware sales, these won’t get your goods sold if you can’t create well-made ads to grab the interest of potential customers; and making a good ad involves knowing what to write in its contents.

Research and insight are vital if you want to know what your targeted audience wants. Considers things like affordable deals, trending items, competitive prices, and popular brands when getting the needed information for composing your flyers. You also have to maintain an edge over competing stores/brands, so keeping ahead should be a priority when planning out your marketing campaigns. Utilize a marketing analysis paper to help with this task.

2. Install Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a great visual design tool for editing our templates and creating a beautiful flyer. However, with how easy it is to customize our flyer templates, you don’t need to be an art major to get the hang of it. To install Photoshop to your desktop, simply visit Adobe’s online web store and pick from one of their available subscription plans. Adobe also offers a free trial demo to try out Photoshop (and their other nifty programs) for 7 whole days.

3. Decide on Which Flyer Template to Use

After getting your hands on Photoshop, you now need to pick from one of our many available flyer templates. Click on a desired template’s respective thumbnail (found on this page) and a new tab will open on your web browser. On this new tab is the template’s own page; use the large download link and follow the simple steps that show up to save the template file to your computer’s storage. Remember to save the file somewhere that’s easy to find in your storage later.

4. Start Building Your Flyer Design in Photoshop

Did you choose a flyer template yet? Boot up Photoshop and use it to edit your template file. Our premade designs make it easy to get your flyers ready in no time, even if you’re not an expert with illustration programs!

Take the notes from your research and implement the information into drafting your flyer’s contents. Additionally, make use of some charming and witty dialog to help get the reader’s attention and keep them reading.

Once you’re done with your design, save it and it’ll be ready for handing out. To further boost your sales numbers, put together some posters too. Be it a grocery store or a household emporium, you can rely on Adobe Photoshop and our many flyer designs to keep your shop relevant!