Summer is considered by many as the year’s golden season. It’s synonymous with the word leisure, party, and relaxation. It’s glorious days spent under the cloudless skies mean the world for people who are planning to hold the hottest events of the year. If you’re one of those who wish to promote your activity during the season, it takes more than the good weather to earn their attendance. Increase your sales and public presence with our Summer Event Flyer Templates. They are easily customizable and conveniently accessible on all devices. Get them yours in MS Word, PSD, Illustrator, Publisher, and Pages. Sold your tickets out and download now!

What is a Summer Event Flyer?

A summer event flyer is like any other promotional flyer but is more inclined towards summer-related programs and activities. It aims to gather the public for an event held during the season.

How to Make a Summer Event Flyer

The summers in the country are home to the grandest affairs of the year. It houses the Fourth of July with its wondrous fireworks display and dozens of raves and summer festivals, including the world-renowned Coachella in California, which earned $704 million last year.

If you want to promote your local event, whether big or small, efficiently, a mix of traditional and modern marketing techniques would be beneficial in raising your numbers. Below are the tips on how you can make your own summer event flyer:

1. Set Your Style According to the Theme and Occasion

Set your business flyer’s layout according to your event’s characteristics and theme. If you’re holding a beach party, make sure that it’s visible on your design. If it’s a music festival, employ designs that would represent what the occasion is all about. If it’s an event targeted at a much younger audience such as a kid’s party, you can add design elements that would appeal to them. Following your event’s theme provides a bit of transparency because it would set their minds on what to expect when they decide to attend.

2. Provide Basic Information

It’s imperative that any of your marketing materials, such as brochures, posters, and flyers, should provide the basic information that your audience might need. They won’t bother calling a customer support personnel for something as simple as a ticket price. Your flyer should have all of the frequently asked questions ready on the content. These include the location, dates, the rates, age limit (when applicable), contact number, among others. More than being catchy and creative, it should be informative above all.

3. Highlight Important Guests or Activities

Placing the spotlight on things such as a famed guest, a rare activity, or an exciting opportunity is important in gaining your target market’s attention. It’s the hook. It makes your affair even more special, and it sets it apart among all others. It will lure them into taking an interest in your marketing flyer and potentially grant your event with their presence. Think of innovative ideas on how you can make your summer stage garner positive responses from the crowd. This will conclude your marketing strategy as a success.

4. Add Branding Designs

Your branding design should be present on your flyer outline. It’s your identity. Straying away from your designated branding elements such as the color scheme, font styles, tagline, and logo won’t help you make a mark in the business. It’s important that your market recognizes you anywhere. If you constantly change your public appearance without integrating a part of your brand in the marketing scene, you’ll fall short on your advertising goals because they’ll fail to acknowledge you.

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