Whether you’re planning a pool party, beach celebration, or birthday BBQ, using invitations is a fun way to invite your guests. And we can help you design invitations quickly with our Summer Party Invitation Templates! Our samples come with 100% customizable content and are easily editable for your convenience. What’s more, you can use a diverse array of applications—like Mac Pages and Adobe Illustrator—to customize our materials. Don’t delay and download now to make cool invitations for your summer get-together!

How to Make Summer Party Invitations

A long time ago around the year AD100, the earliest known party invitation was sent (as Express mentions in one of their web articles). Ever since then, invitations have been used for all kinds of gatherings, including fun summer parties.

Be it at a beach, club, or pool, invitations are great for summer parties in any setting. If you’d like to know how to make custom invitations of your own, feel free to read our tips below.

1. Choose a Size for Your Summer Party Invitations

When designing custom party invitations, start with your material’s overall size. After opening a new file in your processing software, set the page size to either A4 or US letter (depending on which is more convenient to use in your region). Additionally, include a bleed area of 1/8 inch.

2. Use Attractive Visuals in Your Invitation Design

To make an impressive design for your invitations, use photos and illustrations that are thematically related. Incorporate depictions of popsicles, flamingos, palm trees, lemonade, or other appropriate ideas for a summer party. Make sure your image files have high enough resolutions for your page size.

3. Bolster Your Party Invitations with Graphic Designs

With the help of well-rendered graphic renders, you can bring a lot of character to your summer party invitations. Use fun lively colors—like blue, yellow, and pink—for your graphics, opting for a simple vector style for broad appeal.

4. Prepare Your Summer Invitations’ Font and Envelopes

For your invitations’ typography, use styles and colors that complement the other visual elements in your summer party invitations. When mailing printable invitations, use envelopes with colors that match your cards’ design.

That does it for our tips! Now you can effectively create cute, funny, or retro invitations for welcoming guests to your upcoming summer bash!

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