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How To Make Tags In MS Publisher

Tags can be defined according to its different uses and applications. Normally, they are used on clothes as a form of clothing tags that indicate their brand, size of the garment, and the fabrics used. But nowadays, its application and use are not just limited to that; they can also now be used as design material hangtags that are beautifully designed with appealing visual styles like luggage name tags, thank you tags and birthday tags.

Tags can be used in different ways if they are designed accordingly. Well, if you're curious about how to make them, then we suggest that you read the entirety of this article. Successfully make and design tags in MS Publisher with the help of some helpful guide tips that we have curated below.

1. Pick A Theme

Tags are just like labels, and for you to successfully create them, you have to start by choosing a theme on it. The theme is very important because this will serve as your basis and reference on how should you create and plan its layout, typography, and the appropriate color scheme that would compliment and blend well with your chosen theme. Christmas, bridal showers, and floral weddings are just some of the many theme ideas that you can choose from.

2. Choose A Size

Tags are just like any graphic materials. They also come in different forms and sizes. So for this step, you have to choose what particular size are you going to consider. Some of the standard sizes that we have collected are 1.375 x 2.75, 1.625 x 3.25, 1.875 x 3.75, 2.125 x 4.25. Choose a size that would fit perfectly to your tag.

3. Provide Appropriate Wordings

Tags normally come in smaller sizes, just like tickets, which means that you are only given a small amount of space to work with your designs and wordings. Avoid overcrowding your tag by simply putting the right and appropriate wordings in it. For example, if you're planning to create favor tags, words like "Thank you for celebrating with us" are highly preferable.

4. Conceptualize An Appealing Design

Next, you need to figure out now how should you conceptualize its design. Be unique and creative with your ideas. Make sure that your designs are relevant to the theme of the tag. Your designs should bring life to it and not make it look like an ordinary price tag or dress tag. Apply and understand the Color Theory to better guide you on how can you come up with the right mix of color graphics that you can apply to your tag making.

5. Print It Out In High-Quality Paper

Lastly, print out your tags in a highly durable paper just like printing gift labels as well. By doing so, you assure yourself that these custom made tags can last longer and will not easily be damaged.

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