Best wishes! Make sure to invite the bride and groom's family, relatives, and close friends to one of the most important events in their life by sending out eye-catching and informative invitation cards. To help you craft one quickly, choose from our wide variety of high-quality and printable Wedding Invitation Templates that are 100% customizable in MS Publisher. What makes these templates worth availing for is because all of them are beautifully designed with original artworks, suggestive content, original headings, and fully customizable fonts, colors, texts, and images that you can freely add or change within minutes. From sunflower themed invitation banners or bridal shower invitation flyers, we got them ready for you, print-ready! Quick! Avail these editable templates now by downloading them right away!

How to Create Wedding Invitations in MS Publisher

Wedding events won't be complete without the beautifully designed invitations that come with it. It is one of the essential parts of planning a wedding that requires a lot of time and effort in developing. This formal document is usually generated in print or digital form enclosed together with an RSVP Card to help monitor the exact number of headcounts for the wedding. Wedding invitations bear the essential event details of the wedding and are commonly distributed before the wedding date to serve as a reference for the guests.

The key to any successful and memorable wedding lies in how you develop and present the invitations that come with it. Learn how to make and design a simple yet creative looking wedding invitation card in MS Publisher with the help of some simple guide tips that we have provided below. Read and apply them carefully.

1. Set a Budget

On average, wedding invitations can cost anywhere from $1 to $100 each. Multiply these figures to the number of people in your guest list, and you will attain your overall cost. Realizing how costly these invitations are, you'll probably consider using wedding cards. Well, that can be an option. But if you want to make them perfect, then you'll probably have to dig deeper into your pocket to achieve them.

2. Choose a Theme

Nowadays, wedding events come in different styles and unique themes. Some of the popular wedding themes are beach weddings, rustic weddings, and royal inspired weddings. But these themes should not just reflect on the wedding alone, but also on the wedding invitations. Design these elegant invitations according to the overall theme of the wedding.

3. Look For a Ready-Made Template

Planning a wedding requires a lot of time and effort. To better help you ease things up, then we suggest that you look for a ready-to-use online template. Look for a simple invitation template that fits perfectly with your preferences. Opt to use templates that have fully replaceable images, scalable vectors, and are designed using CYMK Color with 300 DPI Resolution so that you'll experience hassle-free editing.

4. Customize The Template

After downloading the template, you can now make the most out of it by fully customizing it according to your preferences. Make sure to follow the guidelines in editing these templates to make sure that you'll achieve formal invitations. Since templates are pre-formatted already with standard fonts and formats used, all you have to do is follow them and edit. You may opt to retain details that are helpful or change them according to your liking.

5. Print It Out In a High-Quality Paper

Did you know that the most expensive paper used in printable invitations are 100% cotton paper stationery? Well, if you have the budget, then they are definitely worth to use. But if you don't have the budget, you may also consider shiny or matte invitations that can help you save as much 50% to your wedding costs.

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