Say thank you for a gift or for merely being present on any occasion by making use of our ready-made Thank You Tag Templates accessible in Publisher. Complement your gift of gratitude with beautifully designed tags that are not just easy on the eyes but also on the budget. Available in full-bleed 2.13x4 inches print size, all our tags have standard Google fonts in well-organized layers. Be it for a baptism or a wedding, our thank you tags are instantly downloadable at any given time and place. Use one today for your convenience.

How To Make Thank You Tags in Publisher

Add an extra touch to the gifts and party favors you're giving away by attaching thank you tags on them. Thank you tags make your giveaways more special which your guests will truly appreciate. If you're enticed to attach thank you tags on your giveaway, we gladly offer you our services. Here is a short how-to on digitally creating a thank you tag on your own through the program, Microsoft Publisher.

1. Decide On The Tag Shape

Before anything else, you need to decide what shape is your tag going to be. The design of your thank you tag will depend on the tag shape of your choice. If you don't know, tags have numerous shapes. To name some tag shapes, there is a rectangle laser tag shape, gift laser tag shape, circle tag shape, and name laser tag shape. It can be confusing to choose one from a wide variety of tag shapes. So if you don't know what to choose, we suggest you use the rectangle laser tag shape. Everyone widely uses this tag shape.

2. Select A Tag Size

As discussed above, the design will depend on the tag shape. On the other hand, the content of your thank you tag will depend on the size of your tag. The tag size will limit the content of your gift tag. Some sizes for a custom tags are 1.375 x 2.75, 2.375 x 4.75, 3.625 x 7.25, 4.625 x 9.25, 5.125 x 10.25. Choose from the tag sizes presented which you believe suits your gift. Just a tip, when you're deliberating the tag size, put into consideration if the tag size is too small or too big for the gift. The size needs to be just right.

3. Conceptualize A Design

Next up, you need to give your thank you tag a design. Go the extra mile with your design and get creative. Your design can match a certain event such as a baby shower, birthday, graduation, or wedding. For instance, you have giveaways for the baptism of your baby. Let's say your baby is a girl. Your tag can have a floral design, unicorn design, mermaid design, princess design, or hello kitty design. If you want a more gender-neutral design, you can go for bohemian, simple, or rustic designs. Understand the color theory before you choose the perfect color scheme. Don't limit yourself with your designs. Give personality to your party favor tags.

4. Ponder On Tag Content

Since you've determined the size of your thank you tag, you can now start writing the content. Just like labels, a tag has small amount of space for the content. Due to a tag's small space to work with, the content will have a limitation. You can just write "Thank You" then followed by the names of the guest, which is space-saving. Another wording for your tag can be a short message like "Thank you for celebrating with us" and once again followed by the name of the guest.

5. Produce And Attach

The final step is to print and attach your thank you tags. After finalizing, start mass-producing your thank you tags using high-quality card stock. Once you're done printing your thank you tag, place a short string on it and start attaching them to the gifts and party favors you're giving away.

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