How To Create a Tea Party Invitation in Publisher

The US Tea Association states that a part of the 80% of households in America has tea in their homes. This means that Americans are drinking tea either daily or anytime they want to. So, why not use this opportunity to socialize with people? Use tea as the highlight or theme of your party. With this, if you wish to invite people for a high tea or afternoon tea, send your guests simple invitations! Sending invitations is one of the classic ways of persuading people to attend an event.

But, the persuading process isn't that easy. You still have to craft an effective invitation before people say 'yes.' For that, we would like to help you. Here are some simple steps into making a tea party invitation:

1. Keep the Invitation Associated with the Theme

An invitation should introduce what your party is going to be like. Don't set a specific theme on the party invitation if it's not even the theme of your party. You have to incorporate your theme on the invitation. This way, people will have an idea of what kind of party they're going to attend. And since you're going to have a tea party, you have to design it with things related to tea. This way, your guests will know what the party's theme or highlight with just one glance.

2. Make It Beautiful and Attractive

You have to grab the attention of people through your creative invitation design. Don't send them unattractive invitations. If you do, there's a tendency that you can't urge them to attend. In designing, you can start with a single color. Then, choose other colors that will complement it and put them on the design. This way, the shades on the tea party invitation card isn't going to look cluttered.

Also, another part of the design is typography. When choosing the typography to use, you have to make sure that it fits the theme and the design of your invitation. There are font styles for formal and informal party invitations. You can experiment on what looks good and what doesn't. This way, you will have a lot of options and can pick the best in the end.

3. Put an Inviting Party Wording

The tea party invitation wording is vital. This is because your language and tone will send a message to your guests. Whether you want to sound cheerful, formal, or inviting, your use of language and tone will decide that. So, you need to choose words and sentences wisely for your event invitation. Make sure they fit the party. Also, check out ideas about tea party invitation wordings online if you want references.

4. Use a Template

If you decide that starting from scratch isn't for you, then you should consider using a tea party invitation template. Using a template will save you time. All you need to do is to download a card template, then edit it in Microsoft Publisher. After that, you can print the template and send the tea party invitations to your guests.

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