Tea Party Invitation Word Templates

Invite People to Your Tea Party with Our Free Tea Party Invitation Templates in Microsoft Word. For Themed Designs, We Have a Mad Hatter Tea, Afternoon High Tea, and Even a Bridal Shower and Baby Shower Tea Party Invitation. Design the Best Tea Party Invitations with Our Editable and Printable Invitation Card Templates. Download One Now!See more

Imagine yourself outside your house, sipping a hot tea, and the heat of the sun kissing your face. It is truly a relaxing feeling. With your friends or your loved ones around you, chit-chatting is a bonus. Why won't you invite them for an afternoon tea with our downloadable Tea Party Invitation Card Template? Our products are 100% customizable, editable, and printable. It is available in 5x7 inches + Bleeds size with high-quality images and original artworks and fonts. So what are you waiting for? Download now, and seize the moment to enjoy with your friends.

How to Create a Tea Party Invitation in Microsoft Word

According to Daniel Stone, a writer from National Geographic, he surprisingly discovers that the most consumed beverage, next from water, is tea. The discovery of tea is older than coffee. The world's largest tea consumer in the world is still China and India. Other than that, China is responsible for 50% of the production of tea worldwide. And to think China is a large country. Amazing facts, isn't it?

If you want to include yourself on the tea drinkers and want to promote even more tea-drinking, why won’t you try to organize a tea party? Invite your friends by curating a Tea Party Invitation Card through following these instructions:

1. Know the Theme

The good thing about the tea party is you can use it on any occasion. The first thing you need to do before starting your invitation card is identifying the event’s theme. Are you having a tea party for a birthday celebration or a bridal shower? It can also be fitting into a housewarming celebration. Or a simple afternoon talk with your colleagues. 

2. Prepare the Necessary Details

Now that you have identified your purpose, it is now time to prepare for the details. The information is an essential element in your sample card since it will be the guide for your guests on the details of the event. Make sure to follow the 4 W's pattern—who, what, where, and when.

It is better when your event details are associated with your theme. Say, for instance, you're holding an "Alice in Wonderland" motif for the party, you may want it to happen outdoors, specifically in your garden, just as the movie depicted. 

3. Use an Editable Template

If you are having a lot of things to do in preparing for your event, then you have a constraint of time to start from scratch in making your DIY invitation card. If that is the situation, we highly advise you to use an editable card template. It will help you do a stress-free making process. Luckily, we have available invitation cards here on our site that you can download and edit on your preference. 

4. Customize Using Designs

To make your card more creative, you can incorporate designs. Using clip art can create a simpler look on your card. If you're having a rustic or vintage as a theme for your party, then you can use pale colors for your card. Make sure your card design is related to the motif of the event.

Remember: Your invitation card doesn't have to look a luxurious one. All you need is an impressive and creative card that will encourage your guests to come. 

5. Print and Distribute

The last step for your card making is the printing process. An invitation card is a nice thing to keep as a remembrance of an event; then, it should be a long-lasting and beautiful one. Use a high-quality specialty paper in printing for the best result. Enclose it in an envelope to make it more presentable. You can also add embellishments to the card or on the envelope, such as ribbons, laces, or a cute little teabag. Give it to your guests with a pleasant greeting and smile on your face.