There’s nothing quite like spending a peaceful afternoon with a cup of tea. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt to invite a bit of company, right? If you’re planning to host a delightful tea party, then some invitations are definitely in order! To help make those cards look elegant, we have a professional library of Ready-Made Tea Party Invitations for you to take advantage of! You’re sure to be satisfied with these printable, 100% customizable invitation designs; each fully compatible with Adobe Illustrator. Plus, you have the choice of composing them in 4x6 and 5x7 inches. Download now and customize your own fancy tea party invitation!

How to Make Tea Party Invitations in Illustrator

Tea time is a long-running English tradition of enjoying an afternoon with tasty edibles and, of course, tea! Not only is it a nice, pleasant way to spend the day, but it can even act as a versatile get-together for a number of different purposes. As mentioned by, a tea party can be used to host both formal and casual occasions, from business gatherings to bridal showers.

So, will you be putting together your own midday snack party? When it comes to something like a tea time event, sending out invitations makes it seem all the more tempting for your invitees to take part in. We can assist you in composing some with our Ready-Made Tea Party Invitation Templates! In addition to looking good, our sample designs are built to be approachable for any level of customizing.

In addition, we’ve compiled a set of simple yet comprehensive tips (found just below) if you need a bit of guidance on how you can easily use Adobe Illustrator for our editable templates.

1. Pick out a Nice Template to Brew

Our collection of Ready-Made Tea Party Invitation Templates offers a wide array of designs, adorned with themes suitable for various occasions. We have templates that range from adorable vector art to go with baby showers, to Victorian imagery that’s sure to compliment a fancy birthday party. So, be sure that you pick out a design to match the theme and atmosphere of your upcoming tea party.

2. Dip Your New Invitation Design Into Adobe Illustrator

Did you find a lovely template to match your invitation idea? Now that your selected template file is downloaded, you can get to work in Adobe Illustrator. With how easy it is to customize our designs, you’re free to try whatever you want to personalize your invitation template!

It’s one thing to spruce up the aesthetics of your invitation, but it’s another to have it say just the right thing to your attendees. So, with one or two handy grammar/vocabulary tools (which you can quickly find online), make sure that the written content of your card is up to snuff. Also, don’t be afraid about getting a little creative with what to include in your letter’s dialog!

Lastly, if you can’t come up with your own font to compliment the invitation’s overall look, then it’s fine to fall back on the one that comes with the template.

3. Add Some Complementary Spice to Your Party

Alright, now that the invitation design has been sorted out, consider other materials that will help with hosting your tea time.

If you’re planning a small food course, use a menu to add an extra layer of fanciness to the event. And, for any special activities that you might have in store, prepare an itinerary to keep them in check.

4. Ready to Serve

After making any necessary changes/corrections to your invitation design, it’s now ready to print out and deliver to your to-be guests! Put together a unique and beautiful tea party to remember with our gorgeous party invitation templates!

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