Tea Party Invitation Pages Templates

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You shouldn't be sipping tea alone. You can always invite people to be with you. If you're in for an excellent tea party, then invite people to come! For that, here is a collection of first-rate Ready-Made Tea Party Invitation Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. These beautiful templates have original suggestive headings to make your work easier! These templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable, so it's going to be convenient for you! You can also print these with 4x6 Inches, 5x7 Inches + Bleed. What are you waiting for? Download one of these templates and take your guests to a tea party wonderland!

How to Create a Tea Party Invitation in Apple Pages

According to the website called Brandon Gaille, frequently, 87% of millennials drink tea. This goes to show that a lot of people are interested in drinking tea. Regardless of age, you can always invite people over for a tea party. It's always wonderful to have people around to talk with and celebrate with while you elegantly sip an afternoon tea. For that, you have to send the best tea party invitations first so that your guests will know. 

To help you, here are some helpful tips in making a beautiful tea party invitation:

1. Make It Attractive

A simple invitation is going to set an impression on your guests, even before they can physically see the party. So, you have to leave a positive impression. How are you going to do that? That's easy! You only have to make your invitation attractive. Firstly, you have to give your guests an idea about what your party is going to be like. Since you're making a tea party invitation, you have to integrate things associated with the party. To add, if you already have a theme for your tea party, you can incorporate it into the tea party invitation card. 

Further, make sure that the colors you're going to choose will complement each other. If you've chosen a particular color, then try selecting different colors that are close to its shade. This way, there'll be unity on the invitation. 

2. Incorporate Image(s)

Images will make your invitation look more engaging. But, like the previous step, you have to incorporate images related to the event. The photos you will put will communicate with your guests. So, it's always safe to choose pictures that are relevant to the tea party event. Moreover, the images should be in high-quality so that when your print the card, it's going to look good. 

3. Put the Invitation Wording

Your word choice and language will affect how your guests will understand your message. With that, you have to decide what kind of tone you want the printable invitation to have. Most likely, your card should sound pleasant and inviting. Let people feel how much you want his or her presence for the party. You can look for some tea party ideas for the wording. Also, you have to make sure that your tea party invitation wording is going to fit your party. For instance, if you have a formal party, then use formal language. 

4. Keep Details Short

An invitation's details should be plain and simple. You have to avoid long sentences. All you need to do is to supply essential information about the party. This way, your party invitation looks neat and readable. You have to include information like the RSVP, time, place, and date of the party. Make sure that you use readable typographies so that the content will be easy to understand. 

5. Use a Tea Party Invitation Template

What's an excellent way to quickly make a creative invitation? Of course, templates! Templates are editable and customizable, so they're beneficial for you. Choose a tea party invitation template and download it. Then, personalize it using Apple Pages. After that, you can print the card and send it to your guests.