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What is a Three-Page Resume?

A document that is usually made of one to two pages (or more) that contains the break down of all essential information (work history, educational attainment, and credentials) of an applicant is called a resume. Customarily, a resume always comes along with a cover letter. The cover letter serves like an introduction or an executive summary that will pave the way for the main course-your resume.

How to Create an Effective Three-Page Resume

three-page resume template

There are multiple varieties of printable resume templates online that you can take advantage of. You just have to pick the one that will fit the requirements. It doesn't matter if you're making a one-page resume, one-and-a-half page resume, or a two-page resume. It's the content that counts. So make sure that your resume is convincing and compelling at the same time so it will stand out against the competition.

1. Find Useful Reference Materials

Before you start making the draft for your resume, try to grab a couple of reference materials where you can cultivate relevant ideas that you can apply to your own document. Get inspiration on how to outline and organize your information from people who got hire for the same position that you're interested in. Better yet, download a printable resume template from reliable online sites that offer editable and customizable sample resumes.

2. Write the Content Accurately

To maintain the accuracy of the information that you are putting in your CV, keep a unified spreadsheet of all your personal data, educational background, employment history, previous job descriptions, and other credentials to prevent misrepresentation of data like the specific dates of employment or the contact numbers of previous employers. Aside from employment gaps, job-hopping, and being overqualified for the position, sloppy formatting is also considered as a red flag for potential employers.

3. Only Include What is Necessary

The contents of your resume should only contain the information that is relevant and will match the requirements of the job description. Avoid adding too much detail to everything that you write in your professional resume. It might overwhelm and bore the readers. Always remember to make it short but concise. Insert a good quality photo of yourself wearing formal clothes with a neutral background setting. Never use technical terms or jargon that might alienate the employer.

4. Shoehorn Your Strengths

This is where you should suck everything up and sell yourself. Highlight significant contributions and developments that you established during your stay in your previous company. According to a survey conducted by a social networking site for professionals, 86% of recruitment decision-makers believe that it's important for an applicant to share their accomplishments. To maximize your three-page photo resume, you can include a little detail about your hobbies, your personal interest, or volunteer works.

5. Polish the Final Draft

Since you already know that sloppy formatting is one of the resume red flags to avoid, reviewing your final draft once or twice will not be enough. You need another fresh pair of eyes, or two, to proofread and/or copyedit your work. You can also seek help from a professional or hire a freelance proofreader that can help polish your final service or business resume format and draft.

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