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How to Create a Resume in Microsoft Word

A resume is a document that is being created by a person during his or her job application. A resume usually presents personal background information, skills, as well as accomplishments. It is considered as a summary of a person's relevant job experience and educational background. It is typically used to secure new employment along with the application letter. Usually, a potential employer would look through the applicant by using a resume, and it is followed by an interview. A resume can be used to apply for various positions like the managerial field, executive jobs, director positions, engineer vacancies, accountancy, the fashion industry, and any other professional careers.

A resume is considered a ticket for entry-level in the working industries. It must be crafted well by providing all of the necessary details that must be included in a decent resume. Microsoft Word has been one of the most convenient applications that are used to build any resumes. If you are intending to create a resume by using a basic resume template, here are helpful tips for you to be guided.

1. Make a Resume Format

In every type of resume, you should bear in mind that you are aiming to impress the employee. The average time spent by most employers by looking at a resume is only five (5) to seven (7) seconds. In making a resume format in Microsoft Word, it is more advisable to use wide margins, make the headings clean by using casual font styles, as well as bolding and italicizing to highlight the experiences. To draw more attention to the employer, you can use bullets to specify the key points of your education and accomplishments.

2. Add Some Creativity

Providing your information, such as educational attainment, job qualifications, and experiences are common elements of a simple resume. To spice things up, most especially if you are applying for a job that mainly requires creative skills, make some enhancement by adding colors and styles without disrupting your whole personal information. You can have modern themes into your resume as long as you keep it clean and professional.

3. Elaborate Your Skills and Job Qualifications

As any other sample resume content, add a section where you can elaborate on your skills and job qualifications. Every resume’s goal is to endorse the personal experience and capabilities, that is why you should highlight your vast knowledge of a certain field if you lack some work experiences or if you want to enrich your mastery. If you found an area of specialization where you think you can exhibit your expertise, do not hesitate to include it.

4. Include Any Work Experience

If you have any volunteer work or if you have been a working student in the past, do not forget to list them down in your experience resume. Provide the name of the organization where you have worked with, the date you started and ended your service, and the position that is being assigned to you.

5. Proofread and Finalize Your Resume

Like any other fresher, whether it is a first job application or not, you should present an accurate clean resume. As with any formal document, your resume must present a precise content without any typographical and grammatical errors and even the slightest format misconstruction. Even though they seemed to be minor things, these will likely reflect your application. If you spotted some errors, redo your resume before submitting it.