How to Make a Modern Ticket in Word

Everyone knows that a ticket is multipurpose. It can be used in many circumstances. You'll need an admission ticket to be allowed entry to a concert and cinema. You'll need a boarding pass ticket to board a plane. You'll need an event ticket to attend an event such as a fundraiser and comedy show. And sometimes it can be used for special occasions to act as an invitation to a wedding and birthday.

Be grateful that you've bumped into our website because luckily for you, we're here to help you create a ticket with a modern design. If you're organizing an event and you're not sure how to create one, follow the tutorial below to create a ticket template quickly and effortlessly.

1. Create a Ticket

For you to create a ticket, you'll need a good program to aid you in making a ticket. There are numerous program that allows you to construct a ticket. However, if you're a newbie in the design world, you'll want a program that you can easily manipulate. The perfect program for that is none other than Microsoft Word. For sure you're familiar with this program, Word is a program best-known for making documents. But, what most don't know, this program allows you to create graphic designs like a ticket. You don't have to go through the downloading and installing process of other design programs since you already have this program on your computer.

2. Give it a Modern Design

Start forming the structure of your blank ticket. We don't want a ticket that is unappealing, now would we. Therefore, give your ticket a design, from the colors to the background. With your design, keep in mind that the ticket you're going to make needs to have a modern design. Why, you ask? Modern design is the trend that will never get old. Many favor the aesthetic because it is not an eyesore, thus, giving the layout an uncluttered look.

If you have no idea how you're going to give it a modern design, you can make use of our templates accessible via Microsoft Word. The pre-made tickets above have an outline that you can fully customize. Browse for the template that you want to work with and click the download button. It's simple as that.

3. Compose the Content

Every ticket needs content that will help inform the holder regarding the transactions. To compose the content, you need to have a clear image of the purpose of your modern ticket. Are you going to use it like a raffle ticket, parking ticket, rock concert ticket, or plane ticket? Different tickets cater to different information. Identifying the purpose of the ticket beforehand will make it easier for you to compose the content.

4. Use Modern Fonts

To complete the modern ticket, you need to use a creative font style. You can download a font online or use the fonts available in Microsoft Word, such as Trebuchet MS, Arial, Book Antiqua, or Palatino Linotype. Choose a modern font that will best suit the type of ticket you're making. For example, you're making a parking ticket, use the modern, readable font Arial.

5. Produce Modern Ticket

The last step is to print your ticket. Make sure to preview your ticket once again and check for errors before production. Once you've produced the tickets, you can now sell them. Think of the best time to sell your event tickets. According to Eventbrite, the best time to sell your tickets is 3+ months if the target are mature, under a month for ages 25-44, and 1-12 weeks before the event when the target age are 16-24.

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