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How to Create a Modern Certificate in Microsoft Word

A modern certificate is a type of document that embraces an innovative format or layout of a certificate, making it untraditional. It is also a type of a multipurpose certificate that can you can utilize on any occasion. You may think that creating a modern certificate may be complicated as it sounds but don't worry! We want to help you so we have gathered factual and proven steps that will teach you everything you need to know about the certificate creation process.

1. Choose a Software Program and Templates

Before anything else, choose a trusted software program in making your modern certificate. Microsoft Word is the best option you can go to when you need a certificate maker. It's useful for formatting and editing text, save and print works and it has high-end tools compare to other programs with vintage features. Afterward, choose the appropriate template for your desired certificate. There are varieties of sites you can download from, but Template.net offers you a long list of versatile certificate templates. Visit their website, browse and download their high-quality templates.

2. Modify the Template

Some templates provide the design and format of your certificate, but you can modify it. Make it more personal and customized. You can add modern shapes, photos, or logos. For instance, you can attach high-resolution images to your gift certificate template to make it look livelier. Or if not, you may also stick to the original layout of the template you downloaded.

3. Format the Specific Details

Your modern certificate is meaningful because of its purpose. For your content, indicate the header, recipient's name, date of the awarding, and the purpose of the award. Make sure that you design your header with your logo for professionalism as it would represent the brand that your company or organization embodies. Also, the recipient is the highlight of your certificate. Thus, use bold or uppercase letters for emphasis. For subtexts like the date and the purpose of the award, you can use basic font/s.

4. Manage your Footer

After the body, you can now write your footer. It would be essential for every certificate that there is a signatory section in the footer. It would signify that the document is legal and valid. For instance, if you are making an award certificate, your award certificate template must have a signatory section with the name of the people behind the awarding of the certificate.

5. Proofread your Work

It would be embarrassing for you and the recipient if there are typographic errors or misspelled names in the presented certificate. Scan, sniff out, and make a checklist whatever errors or gaps you see and revise it. With that, mistakes can be evitable.

6. Choose the Right Paper Stock

After proofreading, you can now choose the right paper stock for your certificate. Choose a not too flimsy but not too sturdy paper. It would be perfect for your type of certificate. Afterward, print adequate copies of your modern certificates. Also, you can print it in any shapes and sizes you wanted for modernization.

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