Have you run out ideas on how to modernize your ticket design to make it more appealing? Worry no more, as we have a bunch of Ready-Made Word Modern Templates which you can download. Some of these modern templates are Modern Travel Brochure Template, Home Inspector Brochure Template, Health Nutrition Brochure Template, and many more! These templates have well-made suggestive content, contemporary designs, and layouts with an attractive color scheme that can be customized easily. We offer 100% customizable, printable, high quality, professional, quick, saves time, and beautifully designed templates. Available in Bi-fold and Tri-Fold and customizable in formats such as DOCX, PSD, AI, INDD & IDML, PUB, and APPLE PAGES (MAC). So, don’t be hesitant to download any of these print-ready Ready-Made Word Modern Templates right away!

What Is a Modern Brochure?

A modern brochure is a promotional tool used for the advertisement of an event, business, or service. For it to be associated with "modern," the design/layout has to consist of colors and layout that speaks "new" in the present period (while maintaining professionalism). However, for some events and businesses with a retro theme, a modern brochure might not be the best option. Real Estate is one of the notable users of a contemporary yet minimalistic brochure layout.

Did you know that color greatly influences brand recollection by 80%? This is because colors have a massive impact on our emotions, pulse, etc. Upon making a purchase, an evaluation of 90% hinges on colors alone.

If you want to leave a long-lasting impression among your consumers, use colors accordingly. Colors that when seen by your patrons, they would easily recall your brand.

How to Create a Modern Brochure?

Below are tips on how to create a modern brochure. Read each one carefully and apply them when you decide to create one.

1. Decide the Type of Brochure You Prefer

Tri-fold and bi-fold are the most habitually used brochure types. Carefully choose the type of brochure that would seem appropriate for your event, business, or service. For better clarity on its respective advantages, you may do research.

2. Determine Your Purpose

Since we are offering modern templates, check to see if your event, business, or service's dynamics match our provided models. Failing to acknowledge this first might cause misalignment.

3. Choose a Template

Once you have discerned the purpose of your template, choose among our modern templates here at Template.net. Our models are a mixture of free and premium. Feel free to avail of our subscription plans to utilize the premium ones.

4. Add the Necessary Content

We have provided you creative content through our templates. However, if you have established a specific layout in mind, then feel free to modify it. Do not forget to include the details of your advertisement and contact information.

When it comes to background and font colors, make sure they blend accordingly. It should remain legible despite the mixture of colors.

5. Add a Call to Action

All promotional materials consist of a call to action. To help you with this, you may brainstorm with your team as to what statement should you include. This should encourage your readers to avail of the product or service that you have advertised. Make this statement stand out by using a bright font color and a bigger font (it must exude a sense of urgency).

6. Print and Use Accordingly

After proofreading, print, and use your brochure accordingly. Most businesses fail to relay their message because of their failure to establish a target market (random distribution). Creating your target market is the priority because this is where you are basing your content and layout.

You may apply a sleek/glossy finish to your brochure for longevity.

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