How To Create Modern Resumes in MS Word

Modern resumes are the advertising mediums that you use to present yourself as a job applicant and try to tell the employers that you are the right choice for the job. It is a formal document that itemizes the applicant's work experience, educational background, personal details, and skills that are tailored perfectly for the job. Modern resumes are more professional looking compared to ordinary resumes because they are usually developed in a more unique and creative manner. Nowadays, plain-looking resumes won't do justice for you. If you want to land on your desired job, then you also have to develop a resume that is worth to look for.

How you create your modern resume greatly reflects what you are as a person. Learn how you can successfully make and design modern resumes through MS Word with the help of some guide tips that we have provided below.

1. Cover All The Basics

Start your modern resume making by covering all the necessary details needed in it. The details may vary depending on the position you are applying for. To illustrate, if you're applying for a designer position like a set designer, fashion designer, or even an animation designer, then the details in your designer resume should be tailored perfectly to that job to give the employer thorough background information about you better.

2. Make It Brief

A brief, clean, and creative resume are what hiring managers look for nowadays. To achieve that, you have to keep all the details in your resume as cohesive yet straightforward as it can be. Statistics show that 40% of the hiring managers spend less than 60 seconds reviewing each resume they receive, while 25% of them spend only 30 seconds. So if you want your resume to get noticed during that short period of time, you have to keep it as concise and abrupt as it can be. Look for any sample resume online to give you a better knowledge of how to achieve this.

3. Quantify Your Accomplishments

To increase your chances of getting hired instantly, then you have to include some educational and professional achievements in your resume. State an achievement that relates perfectly to the job you are applying. For instance, if you're applying for an engineering post like a network engineer or civil engineer, then the awards and recognitions that you have gained along your career are highly recommendable to include for your engineering resume.

4. Use Popular Resume Keywords

Did you know that 75% of hiring managers use recruiting software or applicant tracking systems when hiring? Well, that just makes their lives much easier. These systems are designed to scan resumes and pick out keywords that relate entirely to the job description. So for your next professional resume making, don't just focus on its visual layout and graphic, but you also have to be very particular about the appropriate and right keywords you are going to use.

5. Check For Correctness

Before you send out your one-page resume, it is crucial that you check it first for correctness. Statistics show that 77% of hiring managers immediately disqualifies a resume because of grammatical mistakes and typos. If you don't want that to happen to your resume, then you have thoroughly review it first before you send it out.

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