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What Is a Service Voucher?

This type of voucher is one that an individual uses if he/she wants to secure a discount for a service or have it done for free. Many different businesses offer these to their customers and clients as a means of piquing their interest and attracting them into purchasing whatever services are available. So whether you're in charge of a restaurant, hotel or even a simple clothing store, it's best to consider providing service vouchers to better spread the news about your brand.

How to Make a Service Voucher?

1. Consider What Design You Should Go For

If you're not going to use a template and you want to start making the voucher from scratch, then you need to think carefully about the design. This alone can decide whether customers or clients are willing to acquire or even use the voucher you're going to make. Be sure to go with a design that perfectly shows the image of your business you want to project. For example, most gift vouchers usually go with colors that match that of the company responsible for issuing them.

2. Point Out What the Voucher Is For

Once you are done figuring out the design, then next is to provide information on what the recipient of the voucher can avail if he/she decides to use it. Is it limited to only one of the services that your business offers, or can it be used on any one of them? How much of a discount will the user of the voucher be given? These are questions that you need to consider so that you'll know exactly what it is that you have to point out. Know that you have to make it as clear as possible when writing down what the voucher can be used for.

3. Create Spaces for Basic Information

When doing this, you have to make sure that there are enough spaces for things like the name of the person the voucher is entitled to, the date in which the voucher was issued, and its date of validity. Consider putting in additional spaces where one can place his/her contact details.

4. Write Down Any Necessary Conditions or Policies

This is very important in ensuring that users of the vouchers will follow the guidelines for availing the service offered. A few good examples of things that you can write down would be the locations in which the voucher can be used, whether or not they are non-transferable, or if they can or cannot be converted to cash.

5. Show the Company Responsible for Issuing the Voucher

This is very helpful for the purpose of confirmation or if there are any problems concerning the voucher's usage. Place the name of the company along with its complete address. You must also include contact details such as a phone number and/or email address. It's best to place all of this information at the bottom of the voucher.

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