There are a lot of things we need to do, and we have to admit that we can't do everything alone. It's like we were just good at using but not in maintaining its quality. Great thing there are now available services that will help us repair our broken devices, do laundry and house cleaning for us, do car maintenance for us, etc. Are you in search of these services? Worry not because a service flyer may just be handed out to you. Have a glimpse of them with our Services Flyer templates. These flyer templates are available for download and edit in Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Publisher. They are ready for print in A4 and US letter paper sizes with Bleed and portrait orientation style. Hire the perfect helpmate to get work done!

How to Create a Services Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

More and more people around the globe agree to avail services, not just for convenience, but to be more productive with other things. The graph presented by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on their web page shows that Americans are the number one service exporters in the year 2014. Along with the United States, there are five more countries that are labeled as the largest service exporters, namely Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and Japan. How are services know to these exporters? One is through a services flyer. Go over the guide below to know how it is made.

1. Present the Services through Photos

Maximize the promotion of the services you are aiming for the flyer. Present the services your company offers by illustrating them in pictures. These photos will identify the type of services your company provides. Presenting actual service photos also let clients identify if your company can really do the service for them through the action being portrayed by the models. Use actual photos of your services. Though some companies hire models or artists just to promote their services. You can actually just take photos of actual employees doing the services in the real setting. This is better than using a model for the flyer because it makes the service flyer more believable. Reserve the soft copies of these photos for later.

2. Make Service Descriptions

With the pictures you have gathered earlier, make service descriptions out of them. Include the pricing details, the features of the services, the marketing descriptions, and the like. Make sure to include the best of the best labels you can give to your services to draw potential clients to your service center in no time. Try to make them brief but understandable and concise. These descriptions help your clients in choosing the right subscription plans for your services. Just include a call to action details, so your clients can reach you for their inquiries and reservations of your services.

3. Introduce Your Company

Aside from making service descriptions, one of your company’s goals in handing out the flyers is to make the company known or more prominent. That is why you also need to make a description of your company. Allot a space for this description on the flyer. In the area provided, give a brief overview of your company and how it started offering the services. It let your clients understand and know where your company came from and why you are offering those services. Stating your company on the flyer is also a way of encouraging the clients to be loyal in availing not just the services provided, but the products as well.

4. Customize the Flyer Design

One of the fundamentals in making graphic documents is its visual attractiveness. This promotional flyer is meant to attract people with your handouts, so they’ll be persuaded to avail of the service later on as they read and go over the flyer. As an aid for your flyer content to be more noticeable, you have to design it. Not too much, and not over lacking, just the right design to make a creative flyer. You can simply adjust the font styles, font sizes, and make customizations to the photos then add a background design to give more color to the flyer.

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