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How to Create a Travel Voucher in Pages?

For travel agencies and other travel-related businesses, providing promos and discounts is a great way to engage your audience and capture the attention and interest of your potential customers. Hence, for increased foot traffic and sales, a travel voucher can be the best way to provide these perks to your prospects. In order to come up with an effective voucher, you can refer to the following steps.

1. Gather Ideas

Firstly, gather ideas by referring to your own stock knowledge and doing some research about the travel industry and your competitors. In the ideas that you have gathered, assess each item's strengths and weaknesses, and check whether it is appropriate or applicable for your own business or not. If so, come up with your own perks and freebies that you think is effective in capturing your customer's interests.

2. Specify You Offer

In the content of your voucher, specify the deals that you are offering in the form of discounts, promos, etc. For instance, you may indicate that the voucher's value is a certain dollar amount, for example, $500, or you may state the percentage discount that your voucher holds, let's say, 20% discount. You may also provide the terms and conditions of your voucher, including the voucher expiration date and the scope of the promotion.

3. Incorporate the Essential Voucher Elements

The voucher elements of one travel business may differ from the other entities, but the common elements are as follows: the name of the travel agency, company logo, business address, contact number, voucher serial number, graphic design, travel dates, and terms and conditions.

4. Choose Suitable Designs, Fonts, and Colors

Keep your voucher simple yet elegant and professional as this represents your company's culture and personality. So, in choosing for the colors, two to three colors are enough. Just make use of their shades, tins, and hues to produce a gradient and a lot more color options that complement well with each other. Meanwhile, choose a font that can be easily read even when rendered in small fonts, such as the serif and sans serif fonts. You can also add travel-related designs, like ship, boat, plane, among others, for an added visual appeal.

5. Finalize and Print or Share

Lastly, make sure that there are no errors in your voucher, may it be in the content or design as this will affect the reputation and credibility of your entity. For the content, check if the details are correct and complete especially the amounts and other digits found in your voucher. On the other hand, for the design, spot for any misplaced images, clip arts, or illustrations, photographs, and any other design elements. If everything is set, you can now print the file if you want to disseminate a hard copy or you can share the ticket online, on your website or social media platforms.

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