The best island destinations of Thailand, the romantic aura of Paris, and the entertainment industry of Korea are the most common travel destinations where tourists flock. But, what if you have a unique and fantastic tourist spot to offer to tourists? How will you promote the destination? You can always spread the news through advertisements, or you can easily promote the destination by making an attractive travel brochure. Sounds good, right? You can easily make one through our high-quality printable brochure templates. We offer 100% customizable, highly editable, and beautifully designed travel brochure templates to answer your needs. Pick your choice now and download the best ones through Apple Pages. Hurry and sign up for our amazing subscription plan!

How to Make a Travel Brochure in Apple Pages

The tourism and travel industry are composed of different sectors that keep the whole industry up and running. Recent studies show that residents in the United States logged 1.8 billion leisure travel trips and 463.6 million business trips in the year 2018 alone. The statistics indicate that people are moving and exploring a lot, thus making way for the travel and tourism industry to grow and progress.

This industry covers a broad value chain for services like booking and reservation, accommodation/hospitality industry, local and international travel, food and beverages, products and destinations, and other related industries. In short, this industry is extensive, and the target market of each tourism sector must communicate their products and services effectively. There is a tight competition in the travel and tourism industry. Tourism businessmen, entrepreneurs, and practitioners should find ways on how to market their destinations and appeal to the preferences of travelers and tourists.

Making a brochure is one way to promote the various aspects of the industry effectively, and this article will guide you through the basic process of how to create one. So, open your Macbook, launch Apple Pages, and start making the best travel brochure.

1. List Down your Goals and Objectives

It's always better if you identify your main objectives and specific goals as to why you want to market and highlight your services. Without a set of defined marketing goals, you might not come up with promotional marketing strategies. Ask yourself or your team on what you're trying to achieve. Are you going to entice more clients, endorse a place, or achieve both?

2. Take the Best Travel Photos

An sample brochure must feature the best photos of the hotels, places, food, destinations, among others. To entice travel enthusiasts to visit and experience your offers, you should feature high-quality photos. These photos must be placed in the layout strategically where it can be seen easily. Highlight the best offers you can give and write a catchy caption in each photo.

3. Choose a Brochure Fold and Format

Bi-fold, tri-fold, or multi-fold brochures have different layout functions. Identify which one to use and what will work best with your content and features. Use creative design elements like fonts, colors, and backgrounds. The overall layout of the travel brochure must effectively convey the marketing or promotional message. It should be a piece of beauty to convince people to transact and book their next flight towards you.

4. Layout Sections and Place the Designs

Always pick the best designs that coincide with the nature of the content and promotion. Create harmony and follow visual hierarchy in the overall layout to avoid clutter and confusion. Pair the best images with convincing content to complete every aspect of the brochure. Place contact information and addresses so that future clients will know how to link back to you.

5. Proceed to Print the Best Travel Brochure

After you have carefully reviewed and proofread your content and design, proceed to print the brochures. Using good paper stock and print materials will make all your design efforts worth it, and you can get the best results ready for distribution.

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