How to Create Travel Invoice in Pages

An invoice is a document that is used by a seller to issue a buyer the quantities and cost of the product and services that he/she is offering. The same goes for a travel invoice, a travel agency will send the service expenses that a traveler will incur by booking a vacation trip with them online. Travel agents use a travel invoice as proof that a client or customer has bought some services from the travel agency. An invoice and a receipt are both used for accounting documents to record transactions regarding the sales and receipts for payment and account for request. It may be confusing in some ways, that is why we list some tips below on how you can create your own Invoice.

1. Pick a Template to Work

You don't have to go too far and pick a template that you want to work with here with us. In choosing a Business Invoice Template, you have to consider the objectives that you want to achieve and the data that you have on hand. We know that you already have a lot in your cup, that is why we will make your job less hassle if you use one of our templates.

2. Put Company Detail

The invoice that you want to create should have the details of the company or agency that you are in. The details should include the company's name, the address where the company is located, and lastly, the phone number or fax number if there is any. You shouldn't forget to include this basic information into your Service Invoice Template because these details act an important role in how your clients would contact you during the transaction about the services that your company or agency is offering.

3. Put Invoice Details

The invoice details are the incurred amount of service that your client has booked or bought from your company or agency. You should include in your invoice detail the invoice no., the date the service is made, the total due incurred by your client depending on the services that they get. Include also your client's basic information like the name, address, phone number, and email address that will act as a sales receipt for the service that they get from your company or agency.

4. Determine the Payment Method

In determining the payment method, you have to include the name of the bank, the code of the bank's branch, and the account number of your client. You should also put the computation and the grand total of the purchased orders, services and products that your company is offering.

5. Print and Send

After putting all the necessary data into the template, you can print it already and start working with it for your company or agency. Or you can also use it and send it directly to your clients or customer.

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