Planning for your upcoming wedding will take up tons of time, as it will entail a lot of preparations and accurate details. Not to mention that you will be going to produce vast invitation cards and distribute them to your desired guests. To spare you from any stress and hassle, our wide selection of templates for Wedding Invitation Card in Illustrator is suitable for your needs. These templates are easy to edit, print-ready, designs are high-quality and available in 5X7 inches. Distribute attractive and elegant invitation cards now by downloading our templates.

How To Make Wedding Invitation Card Templates in Illustrator

Getting married has always been one of the most anticipated events in the life of many couples who wanted to settle down for good. Since it will only happen once in a lifetime, you need to do lots of preparations ahead of time to reassure the success of the upcoming occasion. Moreover, you need to create an invitation to invite your desired guests to attend the said ceremony. That way, it's essential to create Wedding Invitation Card Templates in Illustrator and decide what you wanted to input on it.

To identify the percentage of guests who will be going to come over, be sure to send your wedding invitations in advance for about 6 to 8 weeks. Distributing it in advance will enable you to know the total number of attendees, and compute the exact food budget intended for the wedding reception. If you're having difficulty thinking about how to do it, worry no more. Our variety of templates will serve as your guidelines, as well as the tips below.

1. Know the Theme of the Wedding

Knowing and deciding about what would be the theme of your wedding is important as this must reflect on the invitation cards you're about to make. Be specific and choose a rustic, simple beach wedding, unique and elegant, bohemian, traditional, and other theme or style. The moment you pick the appropriate style for your wedding, everything else will follow along the way. So, only start crafting your simple invitation once you decided what theme would suit your taste.

2. Incorporate Colors and Design

In addition to the tips above, be sure to incorporate the colors and design appropriately. If it's a combination of golden and royal blue inspired, floral background, etc., combine them magnificently. You need to be more artistic with your craft to produce an excellent outcome and layout. Always pick the right font and text that will add a design to your creative invitation card while assuring their visibility and readability as well.

3. Input Essential Information

At this point, jot down information that only matters like the location, reception, ceremony time, hosts, your name and your fiancé's names, and RSVP info. It's a French expression that stands for "répondez s'il vous plaît," or "please respond." Remember not to put too much info, or it will lose its elegance aura. You may also check our sample invitation. Just focus on what's vital to the wedding reception and other activities after the ceremony.

4. Arrange the Flow of Event Properly

Sending a formal invitation to your upcoming wedding will allow your guests to know the flow of the event. Thus, you need to arrange the info properly and make sure that any information matches their intended time. You can be so sure that things will fall in their exact place. Our printable wedding invitation templates can also help you save time and money.

5. Distribute in Advance

Once done, be sure to distribute the event invitation just ahead of time. Doing so will enable you to get a response earlier and determine those who can come and cannot. Furthermore, sending out an invitation is also a way to announce another milestone that you and your fiance will face together as husband and wife soon. Make it more extra special.

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