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What Is a Wedding Place Card

A wedding place card is a small piece of elegant paper that indicates where a guest must be seated in a wedding reception. It's usually placed on top of the table wherein the guest is assigned to sit based on the established seating arrangement. Moreover, a wedding place card primarily contains stylish texts of the names of your guest list.

How to Create a Wedding Place Card in Adobe Illustrator

Your wedding is expected by your guests to be grand and fairytale-like, which is what it should be since it's a once in a lifetime event in your life. Every aesthetic of your wedding must be planned thoroughly, no matter if it's a small wedding or a big wedding. One of those aesthetics is your wedding place cards. They're the first thing your guest will notice once they get seated on their designated seats as per your wedding seating plan. With that in mind, you must craft them with a bit of artistry and keen attention to detail. To help you with that, we have gathered a few tips on how you can create them.

1. Choose Adobe Illustrator

There are numerous choices on what editing software to use for your wedding place cards. Among your top choices should be Adobe Illustrator. Why must it be? Adobe Illustrator is completely scalable, which means you can edit and enhance your wedding place card down to the tiniest detail. It's also capable of printing high-quality graphic designs in minimal sizes. And lastly, it works efficiently on almost any computer unit, whether a PC or a laptop. 

2. Set a Light Colored Background 

When it comes to weddings, light color motifs are the best for such an occasion. With that fact, do the same with your entire wedding reception, including your food menu, program flow, and specifically your wedding place card's background. The best color that you can choose is white, pink, or apricot. You can choose whichever color you want as long as it's light and not dark.   

3.Set an Artistic Font Style

A contributing factor to your wedding place card's aesthetic quality is the font style of its texts. With that in mind, you must set artistic font styles, especially with the names of your guests. Once your guests glance at your wedding place cards, they will feel a sense of welcome upon seeing that their names were artistically written. There are hundreds of font styles that are good enough for wedding place cards. Try as many as you can until you find one that meets your preference. Consider choosing calligraphy fonts. 

4. Attach Romantic Images and Clip Arts

Your wedding day will be indeed a romantic day of your life. Therefore, your wedding place card must have a design layout that fits the occasion. What you can do to achieve that is to attach images and clip arts that are romantic. You can attach floral images, wedding ring clip arts, husband and wife clip arts, and so much more to mention.  

5. Use Wedding Place Card Templates        

To save yourself time and the hassle of creating your wedding place cards from scratch, you should consider using editable and printable wedding place card templates. With their help, all you need to do is add the names of your guests, and make adjustments with its design if necessary. You can download wedding place card templates here in