Planning weddings are a lot of challenges. From picking themes to writing down a guest list, you will have your hands full until the main event. One of the most significant issue people faces during preparations are producing wedding tickets to give out to their esteemed guests in time. And if you are one of these individuals who are rushing to get invitations done, we have the product to help you out! Our customizable and printable Wedding Ticket Templates are easy to download in Illustrator and can be sent digitally as well. Plus, you can easily edit it when you need to. Do not waste time making your tickets from scratch. Hurry, download our templates, and save your precious time! 

How to Make a Wedding Ticket in Illustrator

A ticket's primary purpose is to grant venue entrance to event-goers, as an entry pass to ride any transportation, or as a payment stub in any establishment. However, at a wedding, a ticket is mainly used as an invitation to the occasion. It can also function as a save-the-date reminder sent to invitees or as a meal voucher at the wedding reception.

Creating a wedding ticket is challenging, especially when choosing a design that can adapt to the event theme. But with the right guide, you can finish the task in no time. To make a multipurpose DIY wedding ticket with exquisite details, here are a few tips that you can follow to jumpstart your project.

1. Select the Right Format

When creating your ticket, you need to decide how you want to send it to your guests. Knowing what kind of format you'd most likely use, printed or digital, will help you create a design fitting for its purpose and how your guests would present it come event time. The format will also let you create an admission system so that your tickets can be easily tracked.

2. Find the Right Ticket Measurement

Prior to working on your designs, it would be best to find the appropriate size for your ticket. Printed paper tickets usually come in different sizes, but the most common one is 1.97 by 5.63 inches, especially if they have stubs. Knowing your ticket's measurements is essential since it helps you find the right layout to place every component, and it can affect printing quality as well. If you are using an online ticketing system that sends automatic image attachments to invitees, make sure that your .jpeg file is 5.5 by 2 inches to make it readable when downloaded on mobile or PC.

3. Stick to the Theme

When choosing a design for your ticket, it would be best to pick a style relevant to your theme. Sticking to your theme will make the ticket design consistent with the tone of your wedding event and its corresponding concept. Make your ticket a passionate representation of your wedding ideas. If you don't have any themes in mind, you can always pick from a hundred array of choices. There's vintage if you want to try an old wedding style, Hollywood retro for the movie lovers, or wanderlust fashion for the travelers. If you can't find any that fit you, feel free to make your own.

4. Mix Colors Meticulously

Colors provide balance in the visual aspect of any advertising material. That is why, even with a theme, it is still advisable to even out the colors in your ticket and match them accordingly. For example, if you want an elegant wedding, then in your invitation, you can incorporate color schemes of gold and rose or peach. For rustic chic weddings, you can pair up shades of purple with the background of anything silver or wood. However, for those who do not have any themes, the more you need to consider how you'd want your tickets to look. You can use your favorite colors, but make sure to be objective when mixing them with other shades. If they don't go with each other or with other elements, then do not use it.

5. Use Associated Fonts for Entry

Lastly, when writing your content, use fonts that are related to the theme. However, pick the ones that guests can conveniently read without vision fatigue occurring. You can use script fonts to exhibit elegance or playfulness, or stylistic serif fonts for an added thrill, especially for the movie and concert-related wedding tickets. Check spelling, dates, and other essential details before printing.

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