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More and more people have adapted to working from home in recent months instead of in the office, partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the new setup, adjustments were inevitable. For affected employees to continue productivity and efficiency, access to many tools and resources as possible is a must. Luckily, we have an entire section dedicated to Work From Home Templates in Apple Pages. Every single one of these ready-made products come with well-written content and professional designs. Other than that, these templates are 100% customizable for your convenience. Get what you need by subscribing to our high-quality templates today!

How to Make Work from Home Tools in Apple Pages

According to an article by Daniel Zhao on Glassdoor, working from home is the future of employment. Although remote jobs were an occurrence before the coronavirus, many experts say that this will continue to be the trend even during post-COVID-19.

1. Identify the Purpose of Your Work from Home Tool

Work from home tools can have varying purposes ranging from promoting businesses to providing status reports. Which of the two is your purpose for creating this tool? Or, if it’s neither of the two, what is your objective? Before you start making a WFH tool, be sure that you fully understand what it’s for.

2. Choose a Specific Type of Tool to Make

After identifying what it’s for, it’s time to choose what type of tool to make. You can choose from a variety of promotional or advertising materials, including flyers, brochures, and rack cards. However, if this is for documentation purposes, you can also choose from reports, invoices, and log sheets, to name a few.

3. Start with a Draft of the Content or Sketch of the Layout

If you’re making something that mostly uses texts and fewer graphics, we recommend that you start writing a draft of the content. If it’s the other way around, start with a rough sketch of the design instead. Having this ready will allow you to picture out the possible outcome of your project.

4. Start Making Your Project in Apple Pages

Whether you’re using a Mac computer, iPhone, or iPad, these Apple devices come with Apple Pages, which is the word processor equivalent to MS Word. Open the program to start working on your WFH projects. Set the appropriate format and then start adding the elements based on your draft or sketch.

5. Add Visual Enhancements to the Design or Layout

Before saving the file and calling it a wrap, be sure not to leave your project looking dull. Even if you're creating a document, visual enhancements or formats can draw your audience's attention. If you want to add something to represent your business, you can also include your logo.


  • Why should companies allow their employees to work from home?

      1. It gives employees more freedom over their work environment.
      2. Employees can start working right away without the need to travel to the office.
      3. It has a very high chance of keeping the employee on board because of job satisfaction.
  • What are some tips to improve your work efficiency at home?

      1. Make sure the internet is stable and optimized for work.
      2. Create a makeshift home office.
      3. Find ways to effectively filter out distractions.
  • In the US, what is the percentage of employees who are working from home?

      According to the website, Owl Labs, 30% of employees work full-time at home. Additionally, around 18% of employees work from home once to thrice per week.

  • What do most employees like about working remotely?

      According to the website, Buffer, 40% of employees say that the best perk of working from home is the flexible schedule.

  • What are some of the best remote jobs?

      1. Medical transcriptionist
      2. Virtual assistant
      3. Language translator
      4. Website developer
      5. Freelance writer
      6. Customer service representative
      7. Data entry specialist
      8. Blogger