World Tourism Day Templates

Want To Create Something For World Tourism Day? Then Get's Free World Tourism Day Templates And Design Creative Materials In Celebration. Grab Templates For Banners, Greeting Cards, Posters, Etc. Get Into The Theme Of International Travel! Our Templates Are Editable And User-Friendly, So Go Ahead And Download Them Now!See more

How to Make World Tourism Day Materials

World Tourism Day is a significant time for its industry. It’s an event that celebrates the tourism business and promotes its significance to economies (as explained by the United Nations, an international organization).

Do you have big plans of your own for this day? There are various materials to help you run and promote your event, like banners and web ads. Feel free to read our tips (below) on creating and using these materials.

1. Pass out Compact Prints Locally

Flyers, brochures, rack cards, and the like are all excellent if you’re on a tight budget. Not only are printed handouts relatively affordable to make, but they’re also fairly easy and quick to prepare. To take advantage of the limited printing space, incorporate catchy slogans, taglines, quotes, etc.

2. Invest in Large Printed Materials

For materials that demand more attention, then consider using largescale prints. You can choose from banners, posters, and so on. These media are especially effective when placed within a busy location, such as next to an urban highway or near a shopping mall. And if you’re hosting an event, these prints are even useful as decorations!

3. Go Online to Promote World Tourism Day

A particularly quick and simple way to promote online is by using social media networks. Set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and other popular platforms to fully broaden your reach.

Web ads are also effective for spreading your message or promoting an event. These ads show up as unobtrusive content within webpages, best suited for compact dialogue and visuals.

4. Prepare Professional and Appropriate Visuals for Your Content

When designing your materials’ visuals, both theme and quality are essential. Use photos and other images related to travel and tourism, such as popular landmarks or scenic views. For graphic renders, prepare vector illustrations for a clean appealing look. Finally, add any relevant logos to the design as well.

So, did you read all our tips? Remember to download our World Tourism Day Templates to expedite your content creation!


  • Who founded World Tourism Day?

      World Tourism Day was founded by Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi along with the UNWTO.

  • When does World Tourism Day take place?

      World Tourism Day takes place every year on September 27.

  • Why is tourism important for countries?

      With tourism, a country’s economy is significantly bolstered and more awareness is brought to a culture.

  • What types of World Tourism Day templates does provide?

      Some examples are:

      1. Banners
      2. Social media posts
      3. Posters
  • Which applications can I use to edit’s World Tourism Day samples?

      You can use either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to edit’s World Tourism Day samples.