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What Is a Yoga Flyer?

A yoga flyer is an advertising circular used to promote the importance of yoga and meditation. In business scenarios, these are used as marketing handouts by yoga studio owners and instructors to advertise their studio and services.

How To Create A Yoga Flyer

yoga flyer template

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of bodily postures that is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Yoga flyers are often distributed among yoga enthusiasts to invite them to a yoga class. These types of flyers make use of calming and soothing colors to reflect what a yoga meditation really brings to one's body. In creating a yoga flyer, it is also crucial that you make use of appropriate pictures that shows the importance of yoga. We have provided some helpful guide steps below on how you can make a yoga flyer.

1. Know The What And Why

Every yoga event organizer should determine the reasons behind their event. The reason behind this yoga workshop event will play a big difference in how you would scale it, what risk factors should you be able to take on, who your marketing strategy partners would be, and the amount of your market spend. Your determined goals should also be aligned with your business objectives.

2. Determine Your Audience

A yoga workshop won't be made possible without its participants. If you're planning on making a community yoga flyer for your proposed community yoga event, then you should determine your target market. What type of person is usually interested in this type of event? Yes, that's right! The fitness enthusiasts. Then you should make sure that you create a creative flyer that would absolutely ignite their interests.

3. Create Your Brand

If you're advertising your event (whether small or big) to a broad audience, the reality is you are trying to make a statement. You want to be known, and you want to create a brand image for your business. Some useful tips that might help you in successfully creating a brand to your event are to determine its unique essence, know its mission, and what sets it aside from others. Statistics show that 44% of customers visit a brand's official website after receiving direct mail or print marketing.

4. Be Creative

Creative and unique flyer designs are the secret to every effective and attractive flyer. If you want more clients to attend your yoga training session that is good for children and other ages, then a compelling event flyer is all that you need. In creating a yoga flyer, try to incorporate a calming and relaxing effect into it. Attach pictures that would instantly give a message as to what the flyer is all about.

5. Create Lead Time

In organizing a yoga workshop, you must create a lead time and schedule depending on the number of participants you have. Lead time is the time interval between the initiation and completion of the process. Minimum lead times in yoga classes are based on a scale: 4-6 weeks for small; 3-6 months for medium; 6-12 months for large; and 12-18 months for extra-large.

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