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How To Create a Wedding Program [10+ Templates]

A wedding is a couple’s starting point for marriage life. This is where most settled couples would turn their dreams into reality. It is only proper that the wedding they have dreamed for so long should be done just right. That said, with help from an expert, couples can create a great wedding program that will serve as the foundation for the events of the bride and groom’s big day.

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Steps on How to Create a Wedding Program

Step 1: Use graphics and colors relevant to the wedding theme

Weddings usually have concepts inspired by the couple’s wishes. It is only right to follow through with the usage of relative images and colors chosen by the couple’s themselves. The paper material to be used must also be complementary to the theme’s colors in order to create balance in the program.

Step 2: List all the necessary details to include in the program

The program should be composed of these three components: mainly, the information of the event’s date, time and location; the list of people involved in the wedding, and the order of events happening within the wedding. After all, informing us of these is the sole purpose of having a program.

Step 3: Choose how the program would look like

The number of pages used are all subjective to how one wants the program to look like. The designs may be intricate or simple, colorful or plain, modern or old-fashioned. What matters is that the whole look supports the wedding’s concept and it is what the couple wants the program to look like.

Step 4: Add an intro or outro relative to the couple’s wishes

Favorite quotes, passages, or messages would make the program more personal for the couple as they have decided to share their most cherished moment with people they consider important in their lives. These will also give insights into their history and of what these couples are looking forward to.

Step 5: Put everything in order and provide a few additions of aesthetic touches

Once the every bit of necessary information is laid out, choose the type of text, colors, and size that will give emphasis and provide clarity to these details pertaining to the wedding. Balance must be achieved to ensure that the wedding program created is the standard desired finished product.

10+ Wedding Program Templates

1. Free Tri-Fold Wedding Program Template


The program is simple in its design and uses minimal colors and graphics, but it maintains the air of solemnity in the event to be done. The important details are all provided and put in order. Not only that, the couple’s inviting thoughts are also kept intact within the piece of paper.

2. Free Wedding Program Example


Close to being a monotone except that the color of the paper used is different from the shades relative to the color used for the graphics and texts. The two colors still compliment each other one being the light background and the other the dominant dark color for contents. The whole program still gives the complete info needed.

3. Rustic Wedding Program Sample


A simply artistic piece that makes use of different types of texts, colors, and sizes just to give emphasis on the most important parts of the wedding program. It may not contain any thoughts or passages but the way the order of events are relayed give a playful and cheery flavor to the created program.

4. Traditional Wedding Program


Staying true to the traditional look and format, this program uses only two colors that serve as the wedding’s theme colors. It also keeps everything simple and neat as every information are all aligned in the middle. The written details about the wedding inform only the usual things readers would care to know.

5. Nautical Wedding Program Card


This wedding program is particularly good for weddings by the ocean as it gives off a breezy feeling to the event. This can also be used for those who can relate to the nautical field or to those who really work in this field. The program only contains necessary info.

6. Vintage Wedding Program Template


A themed program for those who would prefer anything classic, regal and elegant. Contains the same amount of important details needed by those concerned in the event. This can be used for weddings that had stood 25 good years or those who wished for one that exudes purity.

7. Garden Wedding Program Card Design


Whether it is for a touch of lavender, a sense of romanticism, a flash of royalty, or just a blush of a late bloom, this themed program is a perfect fit. Similar to the other themed types, it contains just the right amount of information about the whole wedding event.

8. Floral Wedding Program Design


The sweetness brought about by the color pink does bring about an aura of youth and gentleness. This can give small hints about a couple’s sweet nothings that turned into vows by fate and time. Contents inform readers of the affair’s order of events and other essential info.

9. Fall Wedding Program Card Template


This type of themed program is suitable for those who wish their weddings fall on the dates covered by this season. It has a slightly earthy feel to it and it remains elegant in looks even in full simplicity. Like the others, it covers information that matters most in a program.

10. Beach Wedding Program Card Template


For beach weddings or just a little taste of an aloha feeling, this here is what you need. The mix of these fresh pastel colors gives the whole theme more packs of punch on a refreshing romance. The where, when and what questions about the wedding are neatly placed on a single file.

11. Whimsical Wedding Invitation Suite

In a timeless English wedding setup, a program such as these is the most useful. The dainty colors give off a breath of gentleness in romance and the purest of intentions. The whole look emanates beauty from simplicity and the contents are just about the right amount of informative.

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