What Is a Wedding Program?

Did you know that the most costly wedding was Prince Charles and Princess Diana's in 1981? The wedding cost $110 million! Speaking of weddings, a wedding is a ceremony that binds two individuals in marriage. And for some, a wedding isn't complete without a program. A wedding program is the sequence of events that happens at a wedding. This includes little details of the wedding ceremony details, prelude, procession, wedding party, and the members of the wedding.

How to Create a Wedding Program

Creating a wedding program is very simple! Just check out the tips below as your guide.

1. Be Artistic and Creative

Enchant and captivate your guests by adding themes and colors to your simple program design. You can make it modern, simple, elegant, or out this world. You can also add floral designs or a pre-nuptial photo for a more dramatic effect.

2. Divide It Into Sections

The wedding program format has different categories. As you've seen on sample programs, they don't mix all the details in one huddle. The sections may include the wedding church ceremony, reception details, names of the members of the wedding (e.g., bridesmaids, parents, maid of honor), and wedding party information.

3. Choose Your Typography

The typography that you'll use will add to the charm and beauty of your card. You can use more than one typography so that it won't look bland so that the guests won't find it boring.

4. Only Provide Little Details

Keep everything minimal by providing little details. This simply means you don't need long descriptions, but instead just write the name of the activity, time, and names. You don't need lengthy information; after all, your event program only functions as a guide.

5. Add Personal Touches

Your printable program doesn't need to be too traditional. Sometimes, traditional can be boring. You can always make your program fun and new, after all, it's your wedding. For your personal touches, you can add a little detail of your love story or add funny notes! The guests will surely love to read them!

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