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How to Add Streaming Audio in WordPress – Tutorial

Adding a streaming audio file to your WordPress website is fairly easy if you follow the mentioned steps. Foremost, you must remember that although WP supports audio in multiple formats which include MO3 and WAV, always go for the smaller version of the file. This will make your website less cumbersome, help it load faster and keep your visitors happier. Now to upload the file you can follow any of the following methods

1. Uploading the File from your Computer

wordpress audio streaming tutorial

2. Or you can select a new plug-in from the WordPress Plugins directory for enabling audio streaming. To bypass multiple steps of zipping and so on, you can go to add plugins in the left most panel, search the plug-in and directly click on install. Go to your gallery, click on “Audio Player” and update your post.

Most Popular WordPress Audio Streaming Plugins

S3Bubble Amazon S3 Video And Audio Streaming With Analytics
WP Stream Player

HTML5 Audio Player WordPress Plugin

WordPress Live Streaming Audio Player

Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin


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