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59.1% of the websites use WordPress, which has been increasing in popularity since it was launched in 2001. The need for WordPress, as it stands, cannot be overlooked as it has revolutionized the way we manage websites. It continues to be the most preferred CMS, at a higher percentage compared to similar platforms. That begs the question on what makes WordPress stand out.... Read More

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15+ Best Media WordPress Themes

The term media is often used to describe a variety of items. An example is the word media being used to describe the news or information being discussed. Another definition of media is used to describe audio and visual items such as music and videos. The word media is also used to describe viewable content on devices. Regardless of the definition of media, we can all agree that it allows for an easy and efficient means of sharing information.

15 Personal Blog WordPress Themes

Within every human being lies a subconscious desire to express themselves in some way, be it to explain their thoughts or feelings about a certain topic or to increase other people’s awareness of a particular piece of information. There will always lie a subconscious desire to express our perception of a certain thing. Thus, this is the perfect reason to create and design your own personal blog.

15+ WordPress Resume Themes & Template

Use WordPress Resume Templates to ensure your target employers hire you. The professionally designed themes come in a wide range of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. Their content is well displayed and they are appealing to the eye. Thus, HR managers are least likely to ignore your resume. Interestingly, they are SEO optimized & responsive with contact forms and menu options offering multilingual and cross browser support. Consequently, they make it easier for organizations to reach you.

WordPress vs Joomla – Which One Is Better?

WordPress and Joomla are two of the most popular content management systems, boasting a long successful history, lots of useful features, beautiful themes, good security and an interface that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. [5 Tips to Make Your Website Invincible From Hackers!]

How to Add Streaming Audio in WordPress – Tutorial

Adding a streaming audio file to your WordPress website is fairly easy if you follow the mentioned steps. Foremost, you must remember that although WP supports audio in multiple formats which include MO3 and WAV, always go for the smaller version of the file. This will make your website less cumbersome, help it load faster and keep your visitors happier. Now to upload the file you can follow any of the following methods