59.1% of the websites use WordPress, which has been increasing in popularity since it was launched in 2001. The need for WordPress, as it stands, cannot be overlooked as it has revolutionized the way we manage websites. It continues to be the most preferred CMS, at a higher percentage compared to similar platforms. That begs the question on what makes WordPress stand out Read More

Types of WordPress

It is highly likely that few people think about WordPress existing in two forms. As such, thousands of developers, if not millions, always believe that WordPress is primarily for blogging. That’s not true, to say the least. There is a WordPress for Websites and WordPress for Blogs. The later is almost always the most popular, for so many people on the internet are into blogging more than they are into website development.

WordPress is Free

Of course, this is the main reason as to why we cannot dismiss WordPress. WordPress has few employees and is mainly a community affair, which means that plenty of volunteers ranging from developers, designers to code writers have helped fashion it to what it is today. It has opened its doors to anyone who can genuinely contribute to making it better. WordPress can be downloaded free of charge with plenty of resources available after installation.

WordPress is Easy to Use

According to statistics, 50,000 websites running on WordPress are launched on a daily basis. Most of these websites are by non-programmers with little or no knowledge of designing websites. WordPress is, however, easy to use, and the websites will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

To start with, WordPress offers an appealing pool of templates to choose, depending on preferences. It helps you focus on what you would like your website to convey. They range from food themes to photography and e-Commerce themes. When you finally settle on a theme, it becomes easy to customize it with a user-friendly panel that allows you to experiment with different colors, backgrounds, and outlines to create a unique website. Additionally, there are plug-ins, which will add to the functionality of the site creating an ultimate experience.

Search Engines Love WordPress

WordPress appeals to search engines because it inherently uses simple codes that are easy to index. Search engines also love fresh and relevant content and the categories available on WordPress bring an element of organization for easier indexing. WordPress also boasts of having an extensive array of SEO plug-ins that increase the ranking of a particular website. The additional features enable you to monitor your website and take actions to improve rankings guided by this information.

It is Mobile Friendly

How great would it be to create and manage a site on your smartphone? Mobile phones are primarily more portable and convenient than computers, and WordPress has striven to accommodate this fact. The WordPress app is responsive and secure, enabling users to manage their sites wherever they are.

WordPress is Constantly Evolving

The current technological environment is dynamic with new trends and devices coming up every now and then. Innovations have become a staple in any organization, which intends to brave through the intense competition. WordPress has made a name for itself as a trendsetter with fresh themes and plug-ins unveiled with better functionalities. With WordPress, you can have the assurance that your website is up to the current technological standards.

The necessity of WordPress is backed up by many reasons such as those mentioned above. We know for a fact that there are other platforms, but WordPress has differentiated itself from the pack to make it the ultimate one to use.