6 Good Reasons Why Your School Needs a Website

If you’re having second thoughts about building a website for your school, it’s relatively understandable. We’re well aware that it requires a pricey budget. For one, the work contract of a web designer stipulates a hefty quotation. Plus, you’ll also need a beta tester who’ll do a thorough assessment of your site’s functionality. The services of a beta tester are also quite expensive. With those in mind, there truly is a lot of money on the line in building a website. 6-good-reasons-why-your-school-needs-a-website

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6 Good Reasons Why Your School Needs a Website

Despite the undeniable expenses of building a website, we’re here to convince you that it’s worth it. Other schools have already established their websites. So, you shouldn’t let yours be left out of the pack. Keep up and join the trend. Many organizations, aside from educational institutions, have their quality websites up and running as well. So, without further ado, here are six good reasons why you need to create a website for your private school.

To Become a Part of the Online Community

Let’s start with the most obvious reason. Having a website for your school will enable it to be a part of the online community. Although there are social media platforms for that, which are cost-friendly, a website is what gives your school a firm standing on the internet. If you only use social media, your school’s reach in the online community will only be limited to social media. But with a website, your school can make waves on search engines, especially in Google.

You see, many organizations have garnered global attention through their websites. In today’s digital age, websites are the tools that registered groups use to connect with people from both sides of the planet. Websites are also one of the reasons why small businesses now have a fighting chance of making it big. Yes, you read that right. Even small companies can largely benefit from the use of websites. How much more if it’s your well-established school? So, if you want your school to be an active member of the global online community, let it have a website.

To Boost and Improve Branding

There are countless marketing strategies that you can execute in enhancing your school’s branding. And, among the best of them is none other than building a website. As mentioned earlier, countless organizations fostered worldwide attention because of their websites. That said, having a website can, without a doubt, raise brand awareness among your school’s target audience.

The very image of your school’s identity, such as its logo, colors, and slogan, will spread throughout the online community. But for that to happen, you need to make your website showcase your school’s image well enough. The person you need for that is a highly-skilled web designer or developer. Moreover, you might also need the services of a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist. An SEO specialist can help your website obtain a high ranking in search engines, such as in Google and Bing. If your site gets a decent ranking, it can garner more visitors. Hence, more people, especially students and parents, will be aware of your school’s brand.

To Gain a Competitive Edge

Other schools in your city or state might not have established a website yet. Because those schools are your direct competition, now is the perfect opportunity to gain an edge against them by establishing an official website for your school. With a website, you can reach out to parents and students more quickly than your competitors. On the website, you can emphasize every feature of your school that can function as selling points. A good example would be the school facilities, educational programs, student progress timeline, and core values. Those are four of the many things that parents look into in choosing a school for their kids.

Don’t hesitate to use a website as your primary marketing tool. As a matter of fact, the majority of marketers utilize websites for the promotion of their company’s products and services. Websites can disseminate your school campaigns way faster than traditional marketing materials like flyers, brochures, posters, TV, and radio.

To Enhance Your School’s Credibility

One of the modern impression nowadays is that if a company has an official website, then it’s credible. However, that doesn’t mean your school isn’t credible because it doesn’t have a website yet. It’s just an opinion of many people today. So, to a certain degree, having a website can enhance your school’s credibility immensely. Though, for that to really happen, your website must contain an About Us page. On that page is where you should talk about your school’s history, origin, and notable achievements. Also, don’t forget to emphasize the school’s contact details and location address.

Furthermore, an analysis by Stanford University implies that 75% of visitors assess an organization’s credibility based on the design of their site. So, include it in your checklist to make the website’s aesthetic presentable.

To Have a Platform for Online Admission

Before starting a school year, of course, your school staff will be busy processing student admissions. If they’re still doing it manually, you should transition to online admission for convenience. Not only will it be convenient for your staff, but also to the students and parents.

Many institutions have already adopted an online admission alternative using software and apps. But, the best tool for that is a website. Why? Well, that’s because it’ll make your online admission easier to find, more credible, and more secure. Using third-party apps such as Google Forms isn’t ideal. Ultimately, online admission through a website can increase your school’s enrollment by a mile.

To Have a Better Means of Communication

Lastly, you can utilize a website as one of your communication tools. Having a school website enables you to relay important campus announcements and information in one stroke. Students and parents can know about them promptly simply by opening the site. In that case, there’ll be no need to communicate through emails, texts, and calls. Additionally, you can also ask your web developer to add certain features to make the site a more effective communication tool.

And that’s all of them! So, start devising a business plan for the creation of your school’s official website soon. Reach an agreement with your school administrators about it. Present to them a firm proposal of how useful a website is to your school. Or, you can show them this blog if that’s what it takes to convince them.