How to Choose the Right Name for Your School – 8 Tips

Some married couples tend to argue what name they should give their newly-born child. They want their child to have the best name possible, but both of them have different preferences. If you’re a married person with kids, you might’ve experienced that with your significant other. Now, in terms of starting a school business of your own, naming it may sound easy, but there are multiple things you must consider. We’re not saying it’s difficult, but somewhat a challenge. Plus, naming a school business is drastically different from naming a child. So, to help you set the right name for your future private school, here, we’ll show you eight useful tips. how-to-choose-the-right-name-for-your-school-8-tips

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How to Choose the Right Name for Your School – 8 Tips

List Down Your Options

In choosing a business name, don’t settle on one option. Instead, settle on several options or more than that if you can, and write them down on your checklist sheet. The reason why you need multiple choices is that your first option(s) might not be suitable due to some circumstances. In case that happens, you’ll have an immediate backup, at least. And if one backup name doesn’t work, you’ll have another in line. So, think of as many potential school names as you can and jot them down on your list for safekeeping.

Never Settle for a Hard-to-Spell Name

One of the golden rules in setting business names is never settling for one that’s hard to spell. That rule should firmly apply in naming a school also. Keep in mind that when your school starts operation, you’ll be boosting its promotion using various communication tools. And if its name is hard to spell or pronounce, only a few people will remember your school.

Take brand names such as Apple and Nike as an example. As you can see, those two business names are concise and easy to spell and pronounce. Thus, almost every individual around the world recognizes them. You see, as much as possible, you have to set a simple name for your school, one that the general public can comprehend easily.

Set a Name that Connects with the Community

If you want your school to establish a strong connection with the community, make sure to set a name that connects with the people. For example, you can name your school after the name of your town, city, or state. If you name your school after the community, that’ll give the locals a sense of pride about it. Another example, you can also name your school after a reputable individual in your locality. It could be a former exemplary mayor, governor, professional athlete, or a local hero.

There are plenty of ways to set a school name that can resound in your community. If you know your locality well enough, you can certainly choose a fitting name for your school with relative ease. This school-naming tip isn’t that important, however. But, it does help in making your school popular in no time.

Research Other Schools

To get a grasp or inspiration in naming your school, you can research how existing schools got their names. You can do a competitor analysis of them to know how their official name and branding contributed to their success. And based on your findings, you can model your school-naming strategies with those from the schools you’ve studied. Just make sure that your school name is unique and doesn’t follow the same structure with others.

Although researching other schools is already one way of knowing if your preferred school name is taken, there might be other businesses with a similar name. These other businesses are those that are outside of the education industry. You might face lawsuits against these businesses if they find out your school’s name is the same as theirs. In that situation, you may have to pay hefty fines that could take a lot of money from your funding.

For those reasons, you need to do a thorough trademark search across different industries. The result of a trademark search will let you know if your chosen school name is taken or not. If it isn’t, then you can send a proposal to the designated government divisions to trademark your preferred school name. According to, trademarking costs around $100 to $200 from a business owner’s startup budget.

Don’t Set a Name that Limits Business Growth

Setting a name that’s too narrow or too focused on one aspect may affect your school’s growth as a business. For example, if your school will only offer grade school classes when it opens, and you’ll name it to “Belmont Grade School,” it implies that it’ll exclusively be catering to grade-schoolers throughout. Soon, if you want to increase your school’s student progress by adding high school classes, you’ll have to do a name change, which is a lot of work. With that in mind, make sure that your school’s name doesn’t limit its growth. Instead of naming your school like “Belmont Grade School,” name it to something like “Belmont Academy.”

Consider Setting an Acronym

A statistic from says that 72% of top brand names have acronyms. That said, you should consider setting an official acronym for your chosen school name. An acronym will make your school name easier to remember. When people talk about major institutions such as the University of South Carolina and the University of California, Los Angeles, they don’t refer to them by their full name. Instead, they refer to them by their acronym, such as USC and UCLA, respectively. You see, by giving your school name an official acronym, the masses will have better brand awareness of your school. So, make sure to include this matter in your business plan.

Secure a .com Domain Name for Your School’s Website

We assume that among your marketing strategies is promoting your school on social media and its official website. For the latter, make sure to secure a .com domain name. Why? Well, that’s because people see businesses with .com domain site names as more legitimate and well-established, according to an article from Forbes. The .com domain name has more search value in search engines due to its top-level domain or TLD status. So, possibly, by securing a .com domain, your school might have a better standing in the online community.

As you may have realized by now, setting the right name indeed impacts your school business significantly. So, take note of the eight tips we showed you to give your school the best identity that it rightfully deserves.

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