Convincing Parents for School Admission – 5 Ways

Most people often think that the target customers of your private school are students. Well, they’re right. But, your private school has other target customers aside from students. Who are they? Well, they are the parents of the students. convincing-parents-for-school-admission-5-ways

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Convincing Parents for School Admission – 5 Ways

It’s the parents you should target primarily to increase your school’s enrollment rate. They decide which school their children should attend. Plus, they’re the ones who pay for their children’s tuition fees. With those in mind, it’s the parents you should convince for school admission, not the students. To help your school have more students this year, we’re going to show you five ways to entice parents to enroll their children in your school.

Understand the Parents’ Perspective

To convince parents effectively, you have to tap into what they want and need for their kids’ education. Put yourself into the shoes of a parent and imagine which school you prefer your child to attend. As a parent, you’ll likely assess a school’s qualities before sending your kid in there. You see, you have to think like a parent to get a potent edge in convincing them to bring their kids to your school.

In a more technical way of speaking, you have to conduct a market analysis for this matter. Get a clear grasp of the demands that most parents have about the type of education your school offers. To get information, you can also survey if you have the time and resources. Once you get a clear picture of the parents’ perspective, you can then think of strategies to sell your school successfully.

Emphasize the School’s Programs That Benefits Their Child

Each school has programs that nurture the unique talents and skills of every student. The type of programs that a school has is a part of most parents’ checklist of preference. So, when a parent inquires in your school, make sure to bring up its programs. For instance, if a parent says that his or her child wants to play basketball, you can tell him or her that your school has a basketball team with a reputable coach and trainer. Another example, if a parent says his or her kid aspires to be a pianist, you can boast that your school has a music club that’s facilitated by an excellent music teacher.

Always remember that most parents want their kids to be in a school where they can pursue their passion. In that case, your school’s programs can be a strong and enticing proposal to convince them. If your school currently has a few programs for talent and skill development, now may be the perfect time to devise a business plan to establish more. That plan might require a large budget or funding, but it could boost your school’s popularity and brand. Thus, it’ll be less of an expense and more of an investment.

Elaborate the School’s Positive Culture and Core Values

According to an article from the Council for American Private Education (CAPE), a better and more suitable learning environment is the main reason why 85% of parents prefer their children to attend a private school. The report also added that 81.3% of parents choose private schools because they can deliver better education.

Based on what the article said, it’s safe to say that your private school has the edge over public schools. But despite what most parents say about private schools, you still have to convince them that your school indeed has a suitable learning environment. The status of your school as a private establishment isn’t enough. Yes, your school might be on most parents’ radar due to its private status. But for them, to see is to believe.

So, make sure to elaborate your school’s positive culture and core values to an inquiring parent. Those two things are essential components of a high-quality learning atmosphere. Explain to the parents how your school policies treat students equally. Particularly, you should talk about how your school eradicates bullying on campus. The presence of bullying is one of the factors that can disrupt a healthy learning atmosphere. And yes, other private schools have problems with bullying, unfortunately. Although it’s not as glaring as in public schools, it’s still a major concern. That said, you have to give assurance to parents that your private school has a friendly culture.

Talk to Them About the School’s Accessibility

The accessibility of your school’s location can also help in convincing parents. Most parents strongly prefer a school that has a good location. In bringing their kids to school every day, they want to conveniently travel from home to the campus so that their kids won’t be late. Plus, most of them want to enroll their kids in a nearby school. So, it’s probably best to sell your school to families living within a ten-minute drive from where it’s situated. On top of that, if your school’s location is in a suburban area, that could also help. Suburban areas, which have less noise and fewer people, are a safer and more peaceful environment for students.

Use the School’s Accreditation as a Selling Point

If your private school is relatively new compared to other schools, you might need to use its accreditation as a selling point. Parents might not trust your school completely yet because of its less reputable status. However, if you can show that it has credible accreditation, they might reconsider. But, even though your school has been operating for many years, flaunting its multiple accreditations are still useful selling points.

Starting a school campaign to increase enrollment will not be easy. But despite the challenge, your school could become a primary choice among parents by using the strategies we taught you. Sooner or later, your private school will join the ranks of the top educational establishments in your city or state.