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There are different types of case templates, and every piece is easy to edit. Now, what you intend to do is what determines the type of template to download, and, remember, downloading a template from the internet is the very best alternative to creating the template from the ground up. The collection of templates in this category has numerous uses, and, luckily, you can never miss the right template to do your next assignment. Browse this list, and download a template for your next task, for free.

> Business Case Templates

Public Sector Business Case PDF Template Free
Prince2 Business Case Word Template Free Download
Better Business Case Word Template Free

Significant business projects often need full financing, but how do you know whether a project is even worth investing in? The best way to do this is to create something called business case. Many people use business case templates, so you should download one for free today if you are developing a business case.[10+ Business Case Templates]

> Case Study Templates

IPE Six Case Study PDF Template Free
Firebird Case Study Word Template Free
Case Study Based on Actual Patient PDF Free

A case study template was created to be used in academic and professional settings as a research tool. With this template, you can conduct any type of case study. Examples of case studies include narrative, critical instance, medical, illustrative and cumulative case studies. You can download this template for free.[9+ Case Study Templates]

> Test Case Templates

StacktoStack Test Case Free Word Template
Efficient Test Case Generation Free PDF Template
COD Test Case Free PDF Template

Even the smallest software you will ever build must go through testing. And software testing happens throughout the software development lifecycle. To conduct a test case, simply download a test case template. This tool will help you record, keep and track testing results without the need to create a template from scratch on your own.[9+ Test Case Templates]

> CD Case Templates

PSD CD Case Template
Free CD Jewel Case Template
Blue False Indigo CD Case Template

A CD case template is designed to help you protect your compact disk from dust and debris. Because you can download and customize the template for free, you really won’t need to buy a CD case from vendors in the city. If handled with care, a customized CD case can last for more than a year before depreciating.[15+ CD Case Templates]

> DVD Case Templates

Yellow Colour DVD Case Template
DVD Case Photoshop Template
Double DVD Case Template

Digital Versatile Disks are known for their large space. But, like compact disks, they can easily be destroyed by dust, debris and magnetic fields. To protect your DVD and the data stored in it, you will need to get a DVD case. The easiest and cheapest means to get the best case is to download and customize this DVD case template.[16+ DVD Case Templates]

> Jewel Case Templates

Simple Jewel Case Template
DVD Jewel Case PSD Template
CD Slim Jewel Case PDF Template Free

A jewel case template can be customized and used as a gift packet. Even if you wish to send your significant other the cheapest jewels, you should get a good case for the gift. The most special gifts are often the ones you make on your own, and thus a customized piece, made from jewel template, will be appreciated more.[11+ Jewel Case Templates]

> Phone Case Templates

Vector EPS Smartphone Case Template
Vector EPS Smartphone Case
iPhone 4 Case Template

There are many phone cases in town today, except every last one of them comes quite at a higher price. Luckily, you can download a free phone case template and use it to create a personalized case for your phone. This means you won’t have to spend money on cases, either today or in the future.[15+ Phone Case Templates]

> Case Notes Templates

Incident Report Case Note Word Template Free
Counselling Case Notes Free PDF Template
Case Notes for Social Work PDF Teplate Free

Case notes are written by medical social worker. So, if you are working in this field, you might find case note templates quite useful. This template, commonly known as a documentary document, helps you to record important information gathered during an interview with a patient. The info should be presented to professionals in the same field for further investigation. [7+ Phone Case Templates]

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