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24 Awesome Food WordPress Themes

Humans need to eat to survive and we need to learn how to cook our food as well. That’s the reason why there are a lot of food blogs where people share their recipes for scrumptious meals and cuisines.

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If you’re aiming to create a website so you could share some of your recipes as well, you are going to need a reliable theme to do just that. We have prepared a couple of awesome food WordPress theme for you. You’ll definitely find these themes to be extremely helpful.

Restaurant WordPress Theme

Kale Pro Food Blog WordPress Theme

Kale Pro has a built-in recipe index, which you can use to share recipes and ingredients of the various cuisines you want to share. To make sharing even easier, the theme has a built-in social media sharing feature, letting you spread your recipes via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. When it comes to customizing the theme’s appearance, Kale Pro doesn’t let up as well. You have more than 600 Google Fonts to choose from and unlimited colors to play with. You can never go wrong with this one and you can definitely consider it as one of the best food blog templates.

Although Tomato was mainly designed as a food recipe website theme, they can still be used by those who are looking for an elegant blog site. But we’ll be talking about the food blog aspects of the theme for now. The theme is 100% responsive and can be viewed on any device. It lets you create your own recipe index page, which is perfect for you, since you’d want to share the recipes that you know of. You can also customize the background, used featured sliders and choose from 5 different blog layouts. It can also translate multiple languages which is a huge bonus.

Happiness is one of the many food blogs and recipe themes that will literally make you happy. It’s photo-friendly layout will let you feature the photos you would like to showcase to your viewers. It has a live customizer integrated into its system, allowing you to make changes to the site and view the changes in real-time. It sports 7 distinct blog layouts, 6 custom widgets and 4 post formats, all of which will improve the visual quality and functionality of your site. Most importantly, content creation will be a breeze thanks to the powerful recipe builder plugin the theme has.

Healey Recipe and Lifestyle Blogging Theme

Healey is equipped with 3 slider layouts, 4 blog layouts and 2 header layouts. The theme has an elegant and modern design that will fit anyone’s general taste. Since you’ll be focusing more on the contents of your site, the theme’s unlimited number of content boxes will definitely prove to be of great use to you. You can also customize the theme’s typography, letting you tweak as much as you’d like, until you find it to your liking. This brilliant recipe website theme lets you create gorgeous recipe cards that you can use for the various posts that you’ll be making.

The Savor WordPress Theme for Bloggers

The Savor is the perfect theme for food bloggers who are looking to share the delectable recipes they know of. It has 10 different layout options that you could choose from, giving you a huge freedom to customize how your site looks like. The theme is also optimized for SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, purposes, helping your site to be in the top ranks of searchability. You have limitless color options and most importantly, you have a custom recipe card shortcode that you could utilize. It is also a fully responsive theme, which makes it an even more amazing recipe WordPress theme.

TastyBites Recipe and Food Blog

TastyBites is an easy and intuitive recipe blog theme that any food blogger can have a fun experience with. The theme runs on Cherry Framework 5, which is a fast and powerful framework. It is retina ready, making the theme fully responsive and viewable on any device. You won’t have to worry about different languages as well because the theme is WPML, short for WordPress Multilingual Plugin. The codes are also valid and well documented, lessening the chances of glitches and bugs on your theme. It also has a friendly and efficient support team, who are ready to assist you in case you encounter some issues.

Cookery Book Receipts and Cooking

Cookery Book is packed with custom widgets that helps with your site’s functionality. Things like recipe card, social media widgets and a simple slider will improve the overall quality and online presence of your site. The theme is licensed under GPLV3, which is one of the leading web designers in the industry. It has over 500 Google Fonts that users can use and choose from. You won’t have to settle with a single layout as well because the theme provides you with different layout options for your site.

Cooking School Responsive WordPress Template

Cooking School is an amazing, yet simple WordPress theme that is dedicated to showcasing recipes and various food cuisines. It is 100% responsive, is WPML ready and runs using the Cherry Framework. The theme has also taken into consideration the site’s need to be easily found on search engines, that’s why it has specifically been coded as SEO friendly. Additional features include advanced theme options, social options, Google Map integration, Back to Top button and Favicon. The various functionalities truly makes up for the simplicity in its design. With so many optimizations, you can expect that its performance will be pretty powerful.

Muse Cooking WordPress Theme

Muse is one of the fastest WordPress theme out in the market. This is made possible by the various codes and functionalities that it has been integrated with. It runs using the codes JQuery, CSS3, HTML5 and LESS. It has Cherry Framework as the backbone of its functions and has a built-in theme customizer, so users have the capability fully personalize the theme as they see fit. Installation is hassle free and can be finished with just 2 simple steps. Additional features include multiple color options, WPML compatibility, a wide variety of shortcodes and more than 500 Google Fonts to choose from.

Basil Recipe-Powered WordPress Theme

Basil is an efficient WordPress food theme that an easy to use drag and drop builder, that lets you add new recipes, including images. It has 10 different recipe layouts for you to choose from that could help you personalize the theme and fit it to one of your ideal food and drinks website templates. It also has clickable timers that your visitors could use to help them keep track of the time while cooking and following your recipes. The theme also supports a variety of videos, such as Vimeo and YouTube. Basil is also 100% responsive for any device, such as mobile phones, computers and tablets.

Food Recipes WordPress Theme

Food Recipe lets you easily share your knowledge about recipes to your visitors. You can even add videos to help make them be more helpful and enticing to viewers. You can use it to make a great responsive WordPress theme for your food blogging site. You can take advantage of features like 5 distinct slider variations, 4 elegant skin colors and 10 custom widgets that helps with the overall functionality of your theme. Users, such as your hired authors, can submit their recipes as well, using the Recipe Submit Page Template. It comes complete with signup, forgot password and login support.

Cuisine WordPress Blog and Recipe Theme

If you’re in the market for a food blog WordPress theme that lets you use assorted page variations, layout styles, color schemes and header styles, then Cuisine is the one that you’re definitely looking for. The theme has a dedicated recipe card for each recipe and you can showcase the different recipe cards with the help of a custom shortcode. The whole process of tweaking the theme to fit your site’s needs is very simple and easy, accommodated by user-friendly controls such as text fields, tick boxes and select drop downs. It also has a support who are always in the ready to provide assistance.

Recipes WordPress Theme

Recipes is a food WordPress website theme that lets you and your visitors to submit and share some delicious recipes. You can submit your recipe using the WordPress dashboard, while visitors can do so by using the theme’s recipe submission form. You can avail yourself with features such as unlimited color schemes, custom print styles, thumbnails are lazy loaded to improve page loading speed and powerful keyword searches. Additional features include 100% responsiveness to other devices, SEO friendly and is translation ready for various languages. Documentation is also very comprehensive and the codes used for the theme are valid and clean.

Foodica Food WordPress Template

Foodica is one of the many WordPress eCommerce theme that lets users turn their food blogging site into an online shop. This is thanks to the theme’s WooCommerce integration, an eCommerce plugin specifically made for WordPress. But the theme’s features doesn’t just stop there because it also has 6 pre-defined color schemes, a carousel widget and a fully responsive, retina ready layout. You can also customize the fonts and upload your very own logo. You can make use of the extra space in your site by adding multiple ad zones for banners, which the theme allows you to do so.

Light Cafe Free WordPress Food Theme

LightCafe is for all of the food enthusiasts out there, as it is one of the many free themes out there in the market. It is jam-packed with features like being able to multicolor related posts to make them easier to find, having a social bar where you can share your contents to various social media networks and it’s ability to translate the whole site into any language, making it a multilingual WordPress theme. It also runs on the SMT Framework 2.0, is WooCommerce supported and has a dynamic content loader, to help lessen your site’s loading time.

HomeDish WordPress Theme for Food Enthusiasts

HomeDish, as the name suggests, focuses mainly on letting you share your homemade dishes. It is more of a personal blog theme, since the nature and recipes of the food you’ll be sharing are of your own making. The theme has custom widgets on the ready, which means you can use it at any given time. The shortcodes have also been prepared and can be applied anytime. It is also SEO optimized, to help you reach a broader range of audience, which will in turn bring more visitors to your website. It has a contacts page as well, so your visitors could get in touch with you.

Banana WordPress Recipe Theme

Banana is a simple yet fully functional food theme for WordPress. It mostly gets the advantage of keeping a simple design, keep fine-tuning certain features to improve functionality. Features like an anti-spam without captcha, advanced editor options  and a responsive web design, can certainly prove that though it is a bit lacking in design, it makes up for it efficiency. Additional features are the custom sidebars you can choose from, the custom menus and its integration with the Google Maps shortcode. It’s also very ideal as a free hotels and restaurants WordPress theme, where chefs and other admins could discuss and share recipes, hotel inputs and more.

Gourmet specializes on the catering category about food blogs and websites. This catering WordPress theme lets you choose from a variety of elegant colors when you’re customizing the theme’s background and stuff. The installation is hassle free and all it takes is just a single click to set the whole theme up. It has 4 kinds of header and a bunch of footers you can select from, so go ahead and choose the right footer. There is a dozen of Google Fonts in store for you, so take your time to try some of them out, until you find the one that meets your standards.

CookDish Recipe Subscription Service WordPress Theme

If you already have a profession as a dietician, a chef or as a restaurant owner, then CookDish is the best theme for your website. This professional theme for food related stuff can provide your site with amazing benefits. The template has animated slider images, which makes your site to look more visually appealing. It has been optimized for SEO purposes, to help your site increase its searchability. It has a very responsive layout, making it usable and viewable on any type of device. You won’t have to worry about browser compatibility issues as well because it is suitable for all of them.

FoodRecipe Recipe Blog WordPress Theme

FoodRecipe is for the type of food enthusiast who is always on the go, constantly visiting different countries or places and tasting the different cuisines they have to offer. You could say that it is a mix of both food and travel blog WordPress template. The theme comes with a 3 column page layout, has 8 predefined theme colors and a built-in contact section. The widgetized footer is structured as a 4-column design, sports a “back-to-top” shortcut button and has cross-browser compatibility. It is also integrated with Google Maps, which helps with location related functionalities.

Till Pasta WordPress Template for Pasta Making

There are a lot of beautiful WordPress themes for pasta making out there. But none of them can quite compare to the pasta making template named Till Pasta. The theme has a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest. It comes in two layout forms, one is box layout and a full-width layout. You get to have full control over the gallery, about, blog and contact sections. It has 10 predefined colors for the theme and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Advanced users would delight in the knowledge that this theme is made with debugging on, lessening, if not removing, the errors on it.

GreekoMeal Greek Restaurant WordPress Theme

GreekoMeal is a Grecian based food blog that mainly focuses on Grecian cuisines and dishes. Although it only focuses on a single kind of cuisine, the fact that it is a creative theme cannot be simply ignored. Its features are nothing short of amazing and some of them include an appointment form, a portfolio gallery page and a retina ready display. It is HTML and CSS enabled, SEO optimized and is made with the debugging functionality on. Setup is easy and hassle free, can be used on multiple types of browsers and its performance is definitely something that anyone should underestimate.

MexiFood Mexican Restaurant Template

MexiFood is one of the best selling WordPress themes for 2016 and it’s no wonder because it is donned with awesome features. It is a food blog theme where you can the recipes and tips through your content. The image gallery that it has to offer is elegant and it can support high-resolution images, giving you the opportunity to upload the best photos you have. It has an organization tag line area, where you could add your business’ tagline, to attract more visitors. If you’re in the restaurant business, you can let your guests book their meals via the theme, thanks to its appointment form.

It is true that food is one of the most important necessities in life. That is why it is impeccable that you get yourself a reliable food blog theme, so you’d be able to properly deliver your message across to your viewers. The message of the recipes you’ve shared to them.

Regardless if its a predefined, or a custom WordPress theme, what matters are the features that these themes can offer. Do a bit of background check regarding food trends and about the specific type of customers you’re trying to appeal to. Then, go ahead and pick out the theme that you feel suits your needs best and make the best out of it.

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