17+ Recipe Website Themes & Templates

Today, most people would rather look up recipes online and there has been a surge in the number of food and recipe websites lately. If you too have a knack for cooking and want to reach out to others like you, you need to start an official website or blog with the help of these web theme templates. All the templates here are responsive and come with an attractive layout. You’re surely going to appreciate both the aesthetic values and the utility factor offered by these Recipe Website Templates.

Cooking Website Template $69

cooking website templateThis Cooking Website Theme template comes with a layout that is 100 % responsive and user friendly. It contains the perfect balance of textual and graphic elements on the theme which makes it look all the more attractive. Plus, the web theme template here is vibrant and colourful as well.

Cooking Recipe Web Template $18

cooking recipe web templateIf you plan to share your recipes with the world, this template would be perfect for you. It has a fun and attractive appearance which is sure to catch the eye. Also, it comes in a number of colours and customisable backgrounds. That way, you can modify the theme of your website when you need to.

Recipe Blog Website Template $75

recipe blog website templateThis theme template would be more appropriate for a blog of some kind that is dedicated to food and recipes. Here, you get a beautiful background where you can incorporate all your recipes in the form of a blog. Also, you get a layout that is well designed and responsive as well.

Food & Recipe Website Template $14

food recipe website templateOne look at this web theme template will tell you what it is all about. It has images of different food items and dishes strewn about the website. Also, the layout of the recipe website is fully customisable and editable making it very easy to use and handle as well.

Recipe Website HTML5 Template

recipe website template htmlThis theme template comes in a fully editable layout that is easy to use and handle. Also, the template is fully customisable and responsive. Your viewers are sure to appreciate the layout of the template which is easy to navigate through. Also, the colour schemes used and the stock images you get deserve special mention.

Recipes WordPress Website Theme $49

recipes wordpress website themeThe WordPress Theme in this template allows you to include as many recipes and dishes as you want without making it look clumsy or untidy. You can go through the template and download it; then, you can edit certain details to make sure it goes with your requirements. It also comes with stock images.

Delicious Recipe Website Theme $69

delicious recipe website themeThis web theme template has to be one of the best in the market because it allows you to make the most of a theme panel. This panel basically allows you to edit and customise every single tiny detail on your website. You get recipe short codes, a responsive layout, post ratings and customised widgets as well.

Food, Recipes, Cooking & Cuisine Website Theme $44

food recipes cooking cuisine website themeThis web theme template is a responsive one. It comes with an attractive yet easy to follow design that makes it highly popular. Also, the template can be edited and customised at will. You also get customised backgrounds and sidebars in the template which you can make the most of.

Food Recipes WP Website Theme $75

food recipes wp website themeThis template would be perfect for a website where one shares recipes and other fun facts about trivia. As you can see, the overall layout has been kept relatively simple and to the point. However, it is bright and vibrant which adds to the charm. Plus, the template comes in attractive colour schemes and high resolution images.

Food Recipe WP Website Theme

food recipe wp website themeThis food and recipe theme template would be more apt if you are running a blog of some kind. Here, you have ample space to incorporate all your images and text. You can do so in a manner that is neat and tidy. Also, the template has been kept simple and professional.

Cooking Recipe WP Website Theme

cooking recipe wp website themeWith the help of this web theme template, you can share any number of recipes you want. This web theme comes free of cost, thus allowing you complete freedom to experiment with it. Also, the template is fairly neat and tidy. That makes the template appear professional and attractive.

Free Food Recipe Website Theme

free food recipe website themeThis theme template comes under the banner of WordPress themes. That should give you an idea of how amazing this template is. It contains an attractive theme with varying colour schemes. Also, you get beautiful stock images to make use of. You can use these images or even incorporate your own here.

Recipe Blog WordPress Website Theme

recipe blog wordpress website themeThis web theme template has been specially designed for professionals who want to share their knowledge with others. Here as you can see, all images and recipes have been organised in the form of columns and boxes. That not only makes it neat but also easier for the readers to follow.

Recipes Responsive WordPress Website Theme $45

recipes responsive wordpress website themeA website must be responsive. Otherwise, it wouldn’t benefit your business in any way. If that’s what you’ve been looking for, then you really cannot afford to miss out on this web theme template. It comes with sidebars, stock images and also a responsive layout. It is also easy to use.

Masculine Recipe Website Theme

masculine recipe website themeFor a rough and tough look to your website, you can use this theme template. It screams masculinity and would be perfect for male chefs and cooks who want to start a recipe blog. Here, you can share your recipes and do so in a neat and tidy manner too.

Fully Responsive Recipe Website Theme

fully responsive recipe website themeWith this fully responsive web theme template, there is nothing more you could ask for. You can just download the template, edit or customise certain details that you don’t like, add information that you think is necessary and insert it into your blog or website. It also comes with stock images.

Cake Recipe Drupal Website Theme $53

recipe cake drupal website themeThis web theme template is dedicated mainly to baked goods like cakes and cupcakes. True to its name, it is covered with images of beautiful and dainty baked items that are sure to make your mouth water. Amidst the bright images, you can also add your own recipes and fun trivia.

If you intend to share your recipes with others who enjoy good food and fine dining, you need to take a look at these templates. You could start a blog or even a proper website dedicated to food and recipes with these theme templates here. All of them have been developed by professionals and especially for people like you!

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