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5 Best & Cool Alarm Clock Apps

Getting up in the morning is surely one of the toughest tasks for many. Yes, there are alarm clocks but these are strategically turned off in most of the cases- thus leading to late rising and drowsiness throughout the day. However, the tech world has come up with some really smart alarm clock smartphone apps which are really handy as smartphones are always kept on. You can also see Mobile App Designs.

Wake Alarm Clock App For You

wake alarm clock app for you
Specially designed for Apple iPhones, this alarm clock app would ensure that you wake up on time. Easy to set the alarm, you can snooze the alarm by slapping the phone and turn it off by flipping it over. Use the easy wake feature by shaking your iPhone and losing your sleep in its wake.

Carrot Alarm Clock App

carrot alarm clock app
Waking up now becomes a treat with Carrot Wake Up Alarm app. Instead of the nerve wracking, shrill alarm tone, it wakes you up by playing your favorite music. Easy swipe option is all that is required to turn on the alarm. However, you need to accomplish a few chores to shut it off which is more than enough to wake you up.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

sleep cycle alarm clock app
Designed for Android phone, this app not only helps you wake up but also analyzes your sleep pattern, thereby helping you to understand the quality of your sleep. When it comes to waking you up in the morning, it shoots off the alarm when your sleep is at the lightest juncture.

Alarm Clock Pro App

alarm clock pro app
Designed for iPhone and iPod, this app has the interface of a digital clock which also lights up the room with a mellow light as it wakes you up. With built in themes, this alarm clock plays your favorite melodies to wake you up from your deep slumber.

Rise Alarm Clock App

rise alarm clock app
One of the best apps when it comes to organizing and naming your alarms based on different schedules, this app ensures that you rise at the exact time. Instead of breaking up your slumber with a shrill alarm you can choose a soothing sound from your library or even choose to wake up to your favorite song.

If you too are looking such alarm clock apps for your smartphone, our list of 5 best & cool alarm clock apps will be the most helpful for you. All the apps mentioned here are tried, tested and have earned fantastic reviews.

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