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App templates are pre-formatted screenshot sized pages that can be paid for or downloaded for free and be used to add or remove custom designs, texts, images and videos. Mobile app templates come loaded with unique features such as custom made user interfaces that are easy to use, to templates that are completely cross-functional across multiple platforms.... Read More

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9+ Mobile App Template

Traditionally, applications are run using personal computers and laptops. With the increasing developments in the field of Information Technology, applications or apps are now available for mobile use such as in the case of smartphones.

7+ App Presentation Templates

When you’re trying to sell off something, presentation can become a pretty big deal. You have to really convince your potential customers that this is the product for them. If you’re trying to present an app and show what it can do, the same applies to you. You need something to be able to show what your app can do and be able to convince your customers that your app is very useful to their daily lives.

10+ Mobile Apps Onboarding Designs for Inspiration

Apps are the latest trend for business houses to reach to the masses. Having the mobile App is easy but keeping the users is difficult. A lot of time and amount is spent for making an application. Marketing strategies are involved in making it popular. There are so many mobile apps we have in our mobile but we use only a few of them. That is the reason a designer should be cautious while designing the mobile apps onboarding designs.

Top Ten Photo Management Apps You Must Have in Your Phone

Are you managing your gorgeous selfies in a right way? From our birthdays to the sadful events we take numerous pictures in our daily life. Pictures are the latest ways where we tell our beautiful stories. We upload them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what not. All the good pictures are appreciated and tend to increases the fan following. You can also see Android App Designs.

15+ Amazing Voice App Designs

Tired of pressing the screen here and there to get things done on your phone? Well you are in a for a stroke of good fortune by finger sore friend. Now apps have been developed that will identify voice commands you speak and perform the appropriate function. These revolutionary apps are very time saving and soon after their inception have become popular. You can also see Weather App. Save your fingertips a battering and a bruising by downloading these amazing voice apps that are helpful as well as time saving. The Android Apps have been professionally designed to respond to your verbal instructions and perform the needed necessary functions.