4+ Art Store Magento Templates & Themes

You need to be ultra careful when indulging in anything related to selling art and craft products. Even if you’re using Magento for a purely content based art and craft, you need to work with the best Magento premium templates to be successful. With terrific artwork and colors being included in these Magento templates free download options, apart from stock photographs that help you create a good looking art and craft website, you can be off the blocks quickly. Plus, art and craft themed Magento templates 2014 include some special features to help you.

art store magento templates

The multifaceted art and craft templates – responsive, functional, and beautiful

  • Control the way you blend content heavy pages with product pages with these templates, helping you optimize content and product listings for your art and craft website.
  • As a domain expert, you can use responsive Magento templates to create a content heavy and aesthetically wonderful art and craft website, especially with themes coming in multiple variants, and including design elements like fonts, icons, images, vectors, and more.
  • Create impact upfront with landing page slideshows, responsive sliders, fluidic parallax effect background images, etc. Check out Magento templates tutorial to learn how these templates can be best used.
  • Art and craft themed free Magento templates 2012 also include checkout, shopping cart, integrated payments, product variation and management options, etc to help you convert art and craft creations to popular products.

Harvest – Magento Responsive Theme – $54

harvest magento responsive theme

Fully Responsive Face Art Magento Theme – $84

fully responsive face art magento theme

Apparel Store Magento Theme

apparel store magento theme 788x

painting gallery magento template 788x