Top 35 Most Popular Art Gallery eCommerce Templates

Portfolio and gallery templates do not always go hand in hand with eCommerce however they are a great way to allow your gallery or commercial site to stand out from the crowd. Gallery templates look fantastic and are among the best designed on the net. We are going to show you a list of 35 of the most popular art gallery eCommerce templates to allow your site to grab the attention of its visitors.

1. Flashlight from Theme Forest

  • 60058054

This template has a full screen picture background and is great for an art gallery eCommerce theme due to the portfolio, easy content uploader and shopping cart integration.

2. Echelon from Theme Forest

  • 11220453

Echelon is a business eCommerce site template that is also in a portfolio design. It allows users to display a gallery type main page and combine this with online business.

3. Simplepxcreate from Theme Forest

  • 67385093

A design that comes with a modern, clean look as well as an image slider that is the main focal point of the site. Good for displaying art on a business site.

4. Smart Shop with Theme Forest

  • 17483431

Smart Shop can be adapted to fit a portfolio style site while also having full use of many eCommerce platforms. Clean and modern with a lot of white space.

5. Bellissima from Theme Forest

  • 18385458

A flexible site that allows a filterable portfolio as well as incorporating eCommerce functionality. Both dark and light color designs make this template a good choice for a gallery business.

6. Image Stock from Template Monster

  • 69878976

Large portfolio site that is compatible with eCommerce platforms. Very slick looking with an arty, photographic design and comes with an image slideshow for showcasing featured photographs.

7. Photo Stock from Template Monster

  • 50488138

Minimal site with the portfolio as its main feature which can show several images in a slideshow. Easy integration from several eCommerce platforms which benefits this modern looking template.

8. Stock Images from Template Monster

  • 87542416

Image and photograph portfolio site. Good for galleries considering it can integrate eCommerce platforms with ease and has a fresh, clean look.

9. ProStock from Template Monster

  • 637913

ProStock is a portfolio and gallery template that also has eCommerce functionality. Good grid portfolio with a large feature image slideshow at the top for a well rounded template.

10. Online Image Bank from Template Monster

  • 13046643

Clean and modern gallery site that also has eCommerce capabilities. Images appear neat and orderly with a clean white design to create a professional site.

11. Preciso from Theme Forest

  • 60217773

A fully responsive eCommerce template that is in a portfolio design. Good for a gallery or to showcase photography with one large image and several smaller ones on the homepage.

12. Cicrolare from Theme Forest

  • 63543097

A filterable portfolio template with a fully responsive layout. Can have eCommerce integration for a gallery business and also comes with a bright color scheme.

13. SimpleOne from Theme Forest

  • 10104010

Responsive portfolio template with cloud zoom and the ability to integrate from eCommerce platforms such as Prestashop and Magento. Good mix of colors with whites and oranges.

14. Kallyas from Theme Forest

  • 48778380

Kallyas has several different portfolio layouts available. All look modern and have an air of professionalism. Also has the ability to be integrated with eCommerce platforms for business use.

15. Fantasia from Theme Forest

  • 97768017

A business portfolio and gallery template. It has a clean look with business use in mind and uses neutral colors with a well laid out design to create a professional eCommerce template.

16. Stock Photos from Template Monster

  • 11165215

Stock Photos allows for several large images to be displayed at the top with smaller ones underneath. Great for a gallery or business portfolio site that needs eCommerce integration.

17. White Photo Gallery from Template Monster

  • 80163076

With both a portfolio and eCommerce functionality, White Photo Gallery is a well-rounded template that benefits from having a clean and professional style and design.

18. Photo Stock II from Template Monster

  • 37343613

Photo Stock II allows images to be displayed in a clean gallery format while also incorporating eCommerce into the template. Business like and straightforward without any complications.

19. One Shot from Template Monster

  • 16167548

One Shot allows for 5 images to be displayed in the image slideshow at the top. Great for galleries that need business & eCommerce support, and looks business like.

20. Images Store 42638 from Template Monster

  • 68279539

Business gallery template. Can display numerous photographs or images on the portfolio-esque page while also being able to have eCommerce support as well.

21. Ammon from Theme Forest

  • 51453880

Ammon comes with two different business style portfolio gallery layouts. Very creative design and can be used with eCommerce open source platforms such as Prestashop and Magento.

22. Fluxglide from Theme Forest

  • 34475635

This template has a multitude of uses however it is best utilized as a portfolio site with eCommerce integration. The navigation on the left allows more space for images.

23. EOS from Theme Forest

  • 82115662

EOS have 2 different layouts for portfolio design and built-in eCommerce potential. It has a fresh and modern look while still remaining professional and business like as well.

24. Modern Interior from Theme Forest

  • 95529774

A grid-like portfolio site is quite simple but powerful. Allows many images to be displayed on the screen and can incorporate eCommerce platforms into its functionality without any disruptions.

25. Aplus from Theme Forest

  • 84392828

Aplus has many different styles and can be used as an eCommerce portfolio or gallery site. Comes with a trendy image slider and a fully responsive layout for tablets and smartphones.

26. Stock Images II from Template Monster

  • 69308198

27. Photo Stock III from Template Monster

  • 69760086

28. Image Store from Template Monster

  • 9258532

29. Photo Bank from Template Monster

  • 90068530

30. Images Store from Template Monster

  • 72870627

31. Phomedia from Theme Forest

  • 42998053

32. Daedra from Theme Forest

  • 50126584

33. Koorsi from Theme Forest

  • 84091080

34. Shirtbox from Theme Forest

  • 10383147

35. Photo Stock III from Template Monster

  • 67610015

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