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Employee Dismissal Letter

Employee Dismissal Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages, Outlook

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An employee who commits a serious misconduct may face dismissal from work. Terminating an employee is not an easy decision to make. It can be a very tough situation that could lead to an unnecessary lawsuit if not executed properly. Learn the legalities of dismissing an employee with our professionally-made Employee Dismissal Letter template. It has suggestive content that gives you the freedom to edit, customize, and modify according to your specifications. It's also easily downloadable onto your PC or mobile device for easy access. What are you waiting for? This Employee Dismissal Letter template will not be available forever. Download it now!

Employee Dismissal Letter



This letter is to confirm our discussion today that your employment with [YOUR COMPANY NAME] is terminated effective immediately.

You will receive [NUMBER] of days severance pay, covering your employment with [YOUR COMPANY NAME] . The severance pay will be given to you once you have signed and returned the enclosed release of claims document.

In addition, payment for your accrued leaves will be included in your final paycheck which you will receive on our next scheduled payday. Please advise us on whether you will be picking up your check from the reception desk or we can mail it to your home address. 

Complete information on other benefits will be provided in a separate letter. 

This letter also acknowledges that we have received from you your security swipe card, your office key, and the company-issued laptop and cellphone.

If you have further questions, feel free to approach me or you may email me at [YOUR EMAIL ID]. Please let us know if we can assist you during your transition.




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