Accounting Proposal Templates

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How to Write an Accounting Proposal?

accounting proposal template

One thing that revolves around the business world is finance. Finance is always involved in each type of work be it ITRestaurant, or Construction companies. With the help of accounting services, our financial records are secure and accurate. An accounting proposal, under the accounting services, is mainly used to bid for funds, request for proposals, and persuade potential clients to support the proposal financially. Accounting services, CPAs, and other tax professionals need to summarize their concerns and begin planning early before writing the professional proposal, according to

When making an accounting proposal, your main goal is to persuade your target potential clients with your accounting services. Make sure that your accounting template is demonstrated professionally to prove how your firm is capable of handling the job. Here are a few steps for you to be guided on how to make a persuasive accounting proposal.

1. Grab your Clients' Attention

Your main goal must capture potential clients' attention right away. Your accounting proposal must be direct to the point that it is enough for your potential clients to read through your accounting proposal. Present important facts, figures or graphs of tax reports, management accounting proposals, cost accounting proposals, and other accounting documents you can put together. You can also start with an opening cover letter for you to invite your potential clients.

2. Write an Outline

Write an outline that would serve as your accounting proposal's scheme. You can deconstruct a request for a proposal to develop an outline. You can also collect some of the information on your accounting service from simple service brochures, service costs, and pricing to ensure that the graphs and charts you include are relevant for your potential clients.

3. Add an Executive Summary

Add an executive summary in your accounting proposal. As mentioned from Harvard Kennedy School, writing an executive summary will help your potential clients understand the policy, the problem, and the proposed solution of your report. It is intended for a busy reader and it is a stand-alone actionable document of not more than 1000 words. Additional information from also states that an effective executive summary analyzes and summarizes the most important points in the document, and will often make a recommendation based on the analysis. Persuade your potential clients why your accounting service is the best for the contract. This is also where you tell potential clients about your expertise in getting accurate financial reports or any relevant information.

4. Make Schedules

Make practical completion dates. State the different measurable strategies like statistical sampling, analytical processes, and documentation. Also, add the most important information that is written in the request for proposal. According to, develop your final proposal schedule backward from the submission date, and develop your sample calendar forward from an RFP receipt, including the time to finalize your outline, schedule templates, meeting materials, storyboards or annotated outlines, etc.

5. Present Solutions

It is important to properly present solutions in the accounting proposal so that you can convince the potential clients that your accounting service is more than competent to have solutions than any other accounting services.