An accounting proposal is used to bid on a Request for Proposal (RFP), to apply for funding, or to convince prospective clients or consumers to financially endorse the proposal. Until writing the request, accounting firms, CPAs and other tax practitioners need to summarize their questions and begin preparing early. To build the outline, you can write from an outline, and deconstruct the RFP. Collect all the information from service brochures about your accounting service, and ensure that the graphs you use are relevant.

To develop an accounting proposal, write a summary of the project or an executive summary, which is a short project summary. Inform the assessors or customer why the contract is better for your accounting service. Explain if your organization is a member of the Quality Center of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit, and give your CPA firm's background. Start the next section with "Firm qualifications" information. Write about the number of related forms of audits of the plan you have carried out. State the size and number of participants of each plan, or the sum of assets. Provide these workers with references. Start the third section on "Personnel information" and the duties of your company's main employees. List all the CPA firm's managing partners. After that start the fourth "Cost estimate" chapter and describe the price you are proposing. Finally, eliminate all errors by proofreading the proposal.

Start designing your proposal for your business with our sample professional accounting proposal templates. Browse through a collection that has been customized for you.

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