Need a boost in writing a professional and comprehensive agency agreement? is among the best options that you should turn to with its wide array of agency agreement templates and samples covering several subjects and forms. Generally speaking, an agency agreement is entered into by a company or individual to appoint another company or individual for the latter to act on behalf of the former to transact businesses, render services, and among other things. It is a legal and binding document that governs the relationship between the agent and the principal. For instance, in an exclusive commercial agency agreement or contract, the principal company appoints an agent or representative to help it sell a real estate property within a given period. If the agent makes good of his or her obligations under the agreement, he or she becomes entitled to get a commission or other form of compensation.

Nonetheless, writing an agency agreement is as technical and tedious as coming up with an agency plan. That’s why, is here to help you understand how the agreement works and what are its expected contents and terms. These agency agreement templates are made by legal and industry experts. They made sure to include all the essential and general provisions that agreements must have. To top it all, they are easy to read, edit, and customize. Once you’re done, you can easily print the agreement and you’re good to go. Download these templates now.

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