There are multiple agencies out there that provide various goods and services, from advertisements to traveling. And when it comes to running such businesses, there are different crucial documents you need for proper operations. One particularly important kind of paperwork is an invoice, which necessary for client payments. If you need help with expediting your billing process, consider using our easily editable Agency Invoice Templates! Reduce the hassle of making transaction documents by incorporating our professional products. Each one is available for Microsoft Word, providing users with optimal customization on Windows. Download now and create invoices for a model agency, tourism company, and more!

How to Make an Agency Invoice in Microsoft Word

As explained in an article from The Balance (an online resource about business), invoices are imperative for a business’s transaction records and not just for billing your customers. Whether for design consultants or tour operators, invoices play a critical role in any agency’s professional function.

Are you having trouble composing agency invoices in Microsoft Word? Read through our tips (below) and find out all you need in no time!

1. Properly Format Your Agency Invoice

Since invoices are commercial documents, ensure that your invoice looks presentable. Open a new file in Microsoft Word and then access the Page Layout tab. In that tab, go into the Size menu and adjust the page’s dimensions to match your region’s standard. Next, go into Margins and set your page’s margins to 1 inch.

2. Your Agency Invoice’s Information

Now, you have a ready document. You may now enter a descriptive title at the top of your document. This helps describe the invoice’s contents--such as “Social Media Marketing Invoice” and “Freelancer Consultant Agency Commission Invoice.” After that, input your invoice’s ID number, order number, and date.

Follow it up with your agency’s name, address, and contact information. Then, write down the same entries about your client.

3. Use a Grid Table in Your Agency Invoice

The central portion of your invoice nneeds to be readable, allowing clients or customers to understand their order details and the owed amount properly. Click on Insert > Table and adjust the cell arrangement in the interface window.

Prepare a column for each of the following categorical headers: Description, Hourly Rate/Unit Price, Rendered Hours/Quantity, and Total. Then, just below, prepare a single column that lists down the Subtotal, Tax, Discount, and Grand Total.

4. Additional Content and Sprucing up for Your Agency Invoice

At the bottom of your document page, write down the supplementary content for your invoice. Depending on what your agency needs, there are closing remarks, terms & conditions, shipping details, and many more.

Did you finish reading all of our tips? Just keep them in mind, and you’ll have a much easier time creating an agency invoice on your own! Feel free to come back if you need a quick review or need to download one of our 100% customizable Agency Invoice Templates!

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