Asset Purchase Agreement Templates

Get a Written Formal Agreement When Purchasing a Business Asset with’s Free Asset Purchase Agreement Templates. Get Ready-Made, Content-Ready, Editable, and Printable Asset Purchase Agreement Sample Formats with Your Choice of Simple, Basic, or Enhanced Content. Use for Software, Small Business, or Restaurant Asset Purchase. For Other Needs, You Can Also Download Asset Purchase Offer and Contract Templates.See more

When your company's moving to a new location or if you want to shut it down, your probable next step is to sell your remaining assets to other companies so they can be put into use. However, considering that this asset might be worth a huge amount of money, then you might want to have a secured agreement between you and the purchaser. If that's the case, then you will need to write a Legal Agreement that stipulates that you and the other party have settled on the amount, the method of transferring the assets, as well as conditions in quitclaims. 

Our Asset Purchase Agreement Templates contain preformatted content with prescribed text that is highly customizable. The contents are based on legitimate sources that cover Business Agreements from different corporations and startup businesses. Furthermore, our agreements are done by experts to make sure that your document is ready for presentation in a professional setting. Every template on our site is highly customizable, and all you need to do is modify the details using the editor tool which comes for free in every download. 

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