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Business assets can be divided into two: Tangible and Intangible Assets. Tangible goods are real estate, vehicles, stocks, inventories, and equipment, while Intangible goods include intellectual properties, accounts receivable, patents, and goodwill. A business may decide to set an asset sale where these assets are to be bought by another company. However, before a deal can be accomplished, business owners must first provide a Legal Agreement that will clarify and finalize the said transactions. 

You don't have to go anywhere because got you covered. We have prepared a collection of Asset Purchase Agreement Templates in Apple Pages that you can use. This contract is an Agreement Between Two Parties that rules out the transactions done in the process of the sale and transfer of assets. This document is crucial, especially when a company prefers to buy out specific assets instead of buying all the company shares, which consists of liabilities. That's why in making such agreements, you should be equipped with a professionally made template. The templates we have prepared are brought to you by skilled and experienced writers who ensure safety, accuracy, and security in your legal documents. So, make your agreements with us now so that you'll be prepared during acquisitions or new business phases where companies usually buy assets. 

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