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What is a Simple Agreement?

A simple agreement is used in partnerships and formal negotiations like in a business and a company. A simple agreement is enforceable by law if any party in the agreement violates it. Like any other agreement, a simple agreement is made to protect the contractor and client involved. Also, a simple agreement can be legally terminated once a party fails to comply with its obligation to the agreement.

How to Make a Simple Agreement?

simple agreement template

Unlike a written legal agreement, an oral agreement, in any form, is not acceptable by the law and is not enforceable at all. Most agreements must be written down and signed by the contractor and the client. Here's a guide on how to make a simple agreement. Follow the given steps and have a smooth agreement ready in minutes.

1. Plan your Agreement

Whether you are making an agreement for your use or you are making it for clients, make sure to work closely with the involved parties. Make time to discuss with them all the terms and conditions they want to set into the agreement. Let them understand that anything that will be written in the agreement will be their duty to comply. Being able to work closely with the governing parties will also help you craft the agreement outline easily because you would know what the parties want.

2. Get Into Writing

As a contractor, having a written agreement on hand is safer than having an oral agreement. The advantage of having a written agreement compare to an oral agreement is that you can layout all the terms and spell out clearly all your conditions. In a written agreement, you can clearly state who will be obliged to do what. Also, having written your basic agreement will protect both the contractor and client if any party will not fulfill their duty.

3. Keep It Brief and Simple

Once you are all armed with what you need, you can start writing your contract agreement. Write a brief, clear sentence with simple, enumerated paragraphs that break down the content of your agreement. With this, the readers will pay attention to each paragraph and will understand what's written in the agreement. Don't make confusing terms and statements, use simple contexts. Keep it short, but comprehensible that delivers the right thought.

4. Write the Details

The content is made up of the body and should spell out the rights and obligations of each party in detail. If you forget to include something, you can always create a short written amendment in the sample agreement.

5. Termination of Agreement

In an agreement, the content is safer if you set out the instances under which the contractor and the client can terminate what they have agreed. See to it that it's a right for each party to terminate the agreement without being illegal when someone violates the agreement.

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